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Inspiring Growth & Mark Fisher: Surpassing Nonprofit Goals

Inspiring Growth & Mark Fisher: Surpassing Nonprofit Goals

Since 2016, Cause Inspired Media has been working with Mark P. Fisher at Inspiring Growth to offer digital advertising support to the nonprofits he works with. Mark is a growth specialist and works with nonprofit and for-profit executives to overcome challenges …

5 ways your nonprofit can take givingtuesday to the next level

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Take #GivingTuesday to the Next Level

For the last several months, nonprofit organizations from all across the globe have been mobilizing their digital marketing efforts toward one goal: #GivingTuesday. Taking place on December 3rd this year, #GivingTuesday is the largest day for charitable giving in the …

cause inspired media recommends wordpress over drupal

Cause Inspired Media Recommends WordPress Over Drupal

At Cause Inspired Media, our marketing strategies are primarily meant to operate in the digital realm. The very nature of digital advertising implies that our clients must have a website at their domain name so that our campaigns can …

What Does an Integrated Marketing Strategy Look Like

What Does an Integrated Marketing Strategy Look Like?

Over the last decade, the term “integrated marketing campaign”, or IMC, has become more commonplace in the field of digital marketing. Often the term is thrown around like a buzzword without much of an explanation. So what is integrated …

Using Google Ads

Using Google Ads: Paid Search or the Google Ad Grant?

Google is the largest search engine on the planet, processing an average of over 40,000 search queries every second. That is why advertising with Google should be an important part of your nonprofit’s digital marketing strategy. Nonprofits have two …

Facebook Giving Season

Facebook Giving Season: An Action Plan

In the last quarter of every year, nonprofits prepare for the influx of expected donations that often cover a majority of the next year’s budget.
Giving season marks the time of year that supporters are most likely to donate. …

how to choose a google certified professional

How To Choose A Google Certified Professional

Recently we wrote about why your nonprofit should partner with a Google Certified Professional Agency to manage your Google Ad Grant. This week we want to cover how to choose an agency from this list.
Google’s directory of Certified Professionals …

why choose a google certified professional agency

Why Choose A Google Certified Professional Agency?

In an effort to help nonprofits get the most from their Google Ads experience, Google constantly makes changes to their Ad Grant program. While these updates serve as opportunities for nonprofits to draw more value from the Ad Grant, …

creating facebook pixel and integrating with google tag manager

Creating Facebook Pixel, Integration with GTM

One of the best features of digital marketing is the opportunity to see how users interact with ads. Data-driven marketing is an effective way to improve performance and cater to target audience interests and actions.

Building Landing Pages to Achieve Your Goals

Building Landing Pages To Achieve Your Goals

A key aspect to your nonprofit’s Google Ads performance is the landing page experience. Google uses your landing page to measure how well your organization’s website gives people what they’re looking for when they click on an ad.
A user’s …

using calls to action to increase support

Using Calls To Action To Increase Support

Are you looking to build your nonprofit’s digital presence? Cause Inspired Media has put together a guide to help your nonprofit increase the value of your audience. It’s simple – all you need to do is utilize effective calls …