The Best Ad Sizes for Google Display, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads

the best ad sizes for google display, facebook, and linkedin ads

The Best Ad Sizes for Google Display, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads

Display Ads

Google Ads showing in the Display Network appear in different positions of a webpage. Each placement is a different size with different results. Display ads differ by device. On desktop computers, placements range from vertical, such as 300 x 600 pixels, to wide horizontal placements, such as the 728 x 90px. Although there are no vertical placements on mobile devices (they are shown on the right hand column of landing pages on desktop views), there are mobile-specific horizontal ads, like the 320 x 100px position.

While the horizontal and vertical specifications vary by device, square ads are the same across the board, making the 200 x 200px, the 250 x 250px, and the 300 x 250px ad sizes the most widely used.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

The Facebook Ads Manager displays visual ads across Facebook’s network of apps such as Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook itself. Facebook ads show in a variety of placements across its wide family of platforms. Most placements are either horizontal or square images. The only vertical placement is in Stories from Facebook, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger. The minimum size for an image ad in the Facebook Ads Manager is 600 x 600px, but the recommended size is 1200 x 628px. 

Many placements can benefit from cropping to a square in Instagram or Facebook Newsfeeds, but the main ratio that the Ads Manager is looking for is 9:16 to 16:9 (when there is no link involved) or 1.91:1 (if there is a link).

LinkedIn Ads

Images shown in Linkedin’s Sponsored Content Ads must be larger than 400px in width. If they are smaller, the image will show as a thumbnail with the link. The recommended image size for Single Image Ads is 1200 x 627px with a ratio of 1.91:1. Carousel Ads require a square image of 1080 x 1080 pixels.

Unlike Google Display Ads, Facebook and Linkedin Ads do not need text on the images. In fact, text over images will hinder the performance of ads on social media networks.

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