Facebook Ads Manager vs Boosted Posts

facebook ads manager vs boosted posts

Facebook Ads Manager vs Boosted Posts

If you have considered exploring paid promotion for your content on Facebook or Instagram, you have probably encountered the choice between using the Facebook Ads Manager or boosting posts. Although they look very similar, these two advertising options have some key differences in both process and purpose.

promote a post options
Options when promoting a post. Click to enlarge.

Their main similarity lies in the placement, where boosted posts look identical to ads created in Ads Manager. Each resembles an organic post and includes a link to a destination URL with a call to action button. Below the Facebook Page’s name is the pale gray text that reads “Sponsored,” to indicate that it is in fact not organic. However, boosted, or promoted, posts are limited by their placements, restricted to organic placements, such as News Feed, Messenger Inbox, and Stories. They are also restricted in their targeting, limited to core targeting and fans of the Facebook Page.

boosted post creation example
An example of the boosted post creation process. Click to enlarge.

The differential gap between boosted posts and Facebook Ads widens when you take a look at the creation process for each. An advertiser typically only boosts posts that have already been posted to the Facebook Page, essentially turning organic posts into ads by extending the longevity of being shown to others, as well as broadening reach. This can be important for posts you want seen en masse, since Facebook’s algorithm in 2020 is expected to show organic posts to only 5.5% of your Page followers. Additionally, promoted posts provide fewer choices for marketing objectives (link clicks, post engagement, receive messages), and call to action buttons.

Budgets and time duration for boosted posts are set during the creation process, but the cost is cheaper. Ads Manager requires at least $5 per campaign a day, whereas boosting a post starts at $1 a day. 

Why Boost Posts?

campaign creation marketing objectives
Marketing objectives available when creating a campaign in Ads Manager. Click to enlarge.

While still considered ads, boosted posts are not meant to be evergreen advertising options or long-term campaigns like Facebook ads created in Ads Manager. The Ads Manager is designed for advanced advertising and digital marketing strategies and offers more advanced solutions, whereas boosted posts are aimed at growing an online social presence on your organic Page.

If your organization is considering investing in social media advertising, boosting posts is a good way to start. All it takes to begin is a credit card and a Facebook Page, but to be effective it will take creative testing, experience, and trial and error over time. Run promotions of popular posts from your Page for short periods of time and start with a small budget. Once you see what does well, you can create a strategy from your data.

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