Branding is a hard concept to define sometimes, let alone conjure up all that is required to bring one to life. Yet, our branding defies those odds and delivers superior results. Our process has been proven for over 20 years.
With your vision and strategy, we build brands and transform organizations.

Whether your logo just needs a refresh or you need a complete overhaul, Cause Inspired will expertly guide you through the process. From the first meeting to the final presentation, you’ll feel confident that your brand is going to reflect your organization’s intellectual and emotional value to your audience.

One call is all you’ll need to know we are branding experts.

More than your logo and tagline, branding encompasses every element of our nonprofits. Key messages, competitive positioning, images, graphics and more all combine to bring your brand to life.
Branding keeps your organization relevant in a changing world. As you grow and evolve, your branding should be able to reflect the growth. With a cohesive branding strategy, you can keep your supporters engaged, and excited about what you’re doing.
There are any number of reasons for a nonprofit to require a re-brand that can range from an outdated website, to new leadership, to increased competition in the industry. But whatever the reason, Cause Inspired Media has the expertise to help you through it!
Our branding team takes time to understand your vision and the competition to help crystallize your organization, internally and externally, to help you reach new audiences with well-defined messages. We understand how important positioning and messaging are to your brand’s appeal, your mission, and your audience. Our branding team takes the time to understand your vision and the competition in order to determine how your brand will communicate both verbally and visually. Our foundational approach will help crystallize the organization, internally and externally, to help you reach new audiences with well-defined messages.


Brand Messaging Platform

To keep your brand consistent online and in any marketing collateral, you need key messages that capture and communicate who you are and how you do what you do. Along with your features, benefits and unique selling proposition, these key messages make up your brand messaging platform.

Like any platform, this solid understanding of how to message your organization allows you to expand and build effective and accurate marketing.

Brand Guidelines

Every brand needs a Brand Guideline, an inspiring and educational guide for expressing your brand externally. This is the only way to keep your brand consistent in the market. Consistency is an important benefit of branding, especially if you hold any trademarks or copyrights.

Brand Guidelines come in the form of a PDF document that can range from 1-100 pages. They contain two elements; brand messaging and brand visuals. Pulled together, they hope to express your brand with clarity and a unique marketability.

Brand Guidelines include:

● Review of Mission Statement
● Features, Benefits, Value Proposition Messaging
● Logo refresh or reimagined
● Tagline
● Imagery and graphics for web and print


  • Competitive Landscape studies​ – these look at the client and three of their competitors in the top level branding categories. An apples-to-apples comparison of how each of the organizations market themselves from logo to key messages.
  • Key Executive/Employee/Customer surveys ​– either brief or robust, these surveys are taken and the results and compiled, as well as recommendations.
  • Brand Champions Playbook​ – a more robust and longer lasting internal branding campaign. Internal teams are formed, each tasked with one of the ways to Live the Brand, and bring it to life. Quarterly meetings with team leaders and an annual report are included in the process.
  • Brand Messaging Platforms​ – survey and research-based document that establishes brand identity through your unique selling proposition, three key messages, benefit statements, and a new tagline.
  • Internal Branding campaign​ – this is a flexible deliverable that is designed to get your team aware of the new brand before it hits the streets and to show them how to live the brand.
  • Brand Breaking campaign​ – also known as a go-to marketing campaign, this contains everything that a newly minted brand needs to get the word out. Based on the brand messaging platform, the campaign includes a series of three different print ads, billboard, and digital ads, radio and TV scripts.
  • Campaign concepts​ – one to three creative concepts for any existing brand. Campaign channels include TV, radio, print. These are “one-off” ideas that spring from the current tagline or individualized message need.
  • Social media campaign concepts​ – designed to give the DIY social media creators a single campaign to revolve the rest of the posts around. It also contains additional content streams that are relevant and interesting.
  • Scriptwriting​ – for radio, TV, speeches/presentations

    Copywriting​ – for projects that aren’t included in the branding campaigns. This is for one-off projects that may include web copy, direct mail, print ads, etc.

  • Naming​ – involves more members of the immersion team and follows the Igor Naming system. Deliverables include names only.