Serve Nonprofits With Our Partner Program

Nonprofit-serving entities without strategic affiliations can encounter growth barriers and diminished impact. Partner with Cause Inspired to unlock your full potential, expanding your reach and enhancing your effectiveness in supporting the nonprofit sector.

Our Partner Program helps nonprofit-serving entities achieve enhanced impact and growth by offering strategic collaborations and networking opportunities.

  • Expand Influence: Broaden your reach within the nonprofit sector.
  • Referral Network: Gain from an established system of referrals and connections.
  • Community Alignment: Align with purpose-driven organizations for greater impact.
  • Innovative Collaborations: Access shared expertise for creative solutions.
  • Growth Opportunities: Leverage strategic joint ventures for mutual advancement.

Let’s Connect

As your strategic partner, Cause Inspired is a reliable referral for full-service Google Ad Grant management and digital marketing, complementing and elevating your support by connecting people to your nonprofit client’s purpose.

  1. Apply & Explore: Submit the Partner Request Form and engage in a discovery call to explore synergies.
  2. Align & Partner: Review and agree on a partnership proposal that aligns our efforts.
  3. Announce & Collaborate: Kick off our partnership with an announcement and start our collaborative journey.


To understand more about the power of these partnerships, read our blog on Nonprofit Networks: Powerful Partners for Amplified Impact.

If you offer products or services for nonprofits and want to showcase them to our network of over 500 organizations, let’s collaborate.

Our Partner Program

Our Partner Program empowers you to extend Cause Inspired’s specialized digital marketing and Google Ad Grant management services to your nonprofit clients. This collaboration not only elevates your service offerings but also ensures that nonprofits benefit from expert support tailored to their mission. Together, we’ll enhance your client relationships and service portfolio, fostering mutual growth and a significant impact in the nonprofit sector.

Dedicated (Networking) Partner
Eligibility: Organizations or individuals serving nonprofits with a substantial network of nonprofit clients.

Benefits: Operate as a network, with access to aligned resources.

Referral (Reciprocal) Partner
Eligibility: Serving 40-70+ nonprofits, with consistent communications and a steady flow of new relationships.

Benefits: Reciprocal benefits including expanded outreach through referrals, shared resources, promotion of services, and hosting of webinars/trainings.

Corporate (Strategic) Partnership
Eligibility: Well-established organizations with mutual interests in growth, acquisition, or merger.

Benefits: Shared resources, joint ventures, and mutual growth opportunities, with an emphasis on impact potential and strategic alignment.