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how to choose a google certified professional

How To Choose A Google Certified Professional

Recently we wrote about why your nonprofit should partner with a Google Certified Professional Agency to manage your Google Ad Grant. This week we want to cover how to choose an agency from this list.
Google’s directory of Certified Professionals …

why choose a google certified professional agency

Why Choose A Google Certified Professional Agency?

In an effort to help nonprofits get the most from their Google Ads experience, Google constantly makes changes to their Ad Grant program. While these updates serve as opportunities for nonprofits to draw more value from the Ad Grant, …

creating facebook pixel and integrating with google tag manager

Creating Facebook Pixel, Integration with GTM

One of the best features of digital marketing is the opportunity to see how users interact with ads. Data-driven marketing is an effective way to improve performance and cater to target audience interests and actions.

Building Landing Pages to Achieve Your Goals

Building Landing Pages To Achieve Your Goals

A key aspect to your nonprofit’s Google Ads performance is the landing page experience. Google uses your landing page to measure how well your organization’s website gives people what they’re looking for when they click on an ad.
A user’s …

using calls to action to increase support

Using Calls To Action To Increase Support

Are you looking to build your nonprofit’s digital presence? Cause Inspired Media has put together a guide to help your nonprofit increase the value of your audience. It’s simple – all you need to do is utilize effective calls …

Long-term Google Display Remarketing

Long-term Google Display Remarketing

Nestled in the southeastern hills of Wisconsin, the beautiful Camp Anokijig has been welcoming children and families since 1926. Today, the glacial-born lake and wooded shoreline that Native Americans once called home is one of the premier youth camps …

5 Ways Remarketing Can Help Your Nonprofit

5 Reasons Nonprofits Can Benefit From Remarketing

The Google Display Network is a powerful tool to expand a nonprofit organization’s reach. Covering more than 90% of websites across the internet, Google’s Display Network is a powerful means of reaching new audiences. Previously, Cause Inspired Media has posted …

year-round brand awareness a cause inspired case study

Angeles Crest: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Founded in the 1940s, Angeles Crest Christian Camp was established “to support the Christian Churches/Church of Christ camping outreach ministry.” Angeles Crest is a camp in the San Gabriel Mountains outside of Los Angeles, California dedicated to helping kids …

Understanding the Facebook Pixel

Understanding The Facebook Pixel

If you are advertising on Facebook, you have likely heard of The Facebook Pixel. Although it is not required to advertise on Facebook, this piece of code allows your nonprofit to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad …

A Guide to Improving Your Facebook Advertising

Guide To Improving Your Facebook Ad Targeting

When developing any type of marketing campaign, you must first consider the audience that you want to see your campaign. This is also true when creating Facebook ads. Thankfully, Facebook provides advertisers with a variety of targeting options to …

Impact of Outcomes in a Digital Landscape

Nonprofit Works 2019: Cultivate Change Announcement

Nonprofit organizations across Northeast Florida will be meeting up Thursday, June 13th for Nonprofit Works 2019: Cultivate Change. This annual conference by The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida is a day-long gathering to help local nonprofits “prepare for, manage, and …

Nonprofit Guide To Advertising On The Display Network

Nonprofit Guide To Advertising On The Display Network

If the Google Search Network is not giving you the results you desire, you may want to think about going in a visual direction. The Google Display Network covers more than 90% of websites across the internet, expanding your …

Cause Inspired Media works with NANOE members

Cause Inspired Media Works With NANOE Members

A different kind of marketing firm, Cause Inspired Media is a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations to manage their digital advertising. The Google Ad Grants Program has been at the heart of Cause Inspired Media’s mission since their inception.

Growing Your Good Work

Overview of Services:

Are you a new or small nonprofit needing help to continue to grow? Are you a mid-sized nonprofit that needs assistance with a new project or a new planning phase? If so, let’s connect so my experience and passion to help nonprofits can be put to work for you! Brenda has dedicated over 15 years to the nonprofit sector and worked with both large and small organizations. Out team has helped nonprofits grow through strategic planning and goal setting, successful project and organizational management, grant writing and administration, and fundraising. We are passionate about helping many sectors and organizations grow their good work! Our Coaching and Planning Services help you create your road map to long-term success! With guidance and hands-on assistance, we help nonprofits with business, strategic and operational planning and implementation that create continual measures of success. Ongoing coaching ensures a sustainable level of community service and support. Our grant research, writing, and administration services allow nonprofit Boards, staff, and volunteers to focus on mission related activities & donor relationship building. Put our long track record of successful grant services to the task of filling funding gaps.

Key Services (Bullet Points):

  • Senior Management Coaching
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Grant Writing and Management

Special Benefits for Cause Inspired Clients

Caused Inspired clients receive one free month of grant services or two 30-minute coaching sessions. This is equal to $300 of free services!

Growing Your Good Work primarily serves small and mid-sized nonprofits in all sectors.

Growing Your Good Work

Address – Saint Augustine, FL

Phone Number – 904-599-8663

Email Address – [email protected]

Website –

Point of Contact – Brenda Swann

Region You Serve – National


Overview of Services:

MilkCrate is a mission-driven tech company that empowers nonprofits to grow using technology. It provides a tool for nonprofits to take their offline programs online through an affordable mobile app that engages participants and allows for real-time impact reports for donors and stakeholders.

Key Services (Bullet Points):

A templated mobile app for nonprofits with various features:

  • Data Entry / Upload
  • Brand Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Platform Bugs & Features
  • App and Website Integration Platform Enhancement
  • Bespoke Development

Some organizations we worked with include Mighty Writers, PYSC, Hoplite Resilience Center, and more.


Company Name – MilkCrate

Address – 448 N 10th St Floor 6, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Phone Number – (215) 720-1625

Email Address – [email protected]

Website –

Point of Contact – Morgan Berman

Region You Serve – Nationally and internationally


Overview of Services:

I work with nonprofits as a de-facto fundraising, marketing, and/or operations director. I have a limited number of clients who view me as a member of their team, not as an outside consultant.

Key Services (Bullet Points):

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Strategy

I have worked for some of the largest nonprofits in the country, but now seek to work with only a few at a time, serving as a parttime member of your management team.


Address: 8751 High Gate Way, Belvidere, IL 61008

Phone: 214-403-5994

Email Link [email protected]


Contact Jeff Tikson

Region We Serve – Nationally