Working With a Strategy: A Cause Inspired Case Study

working with a strategy: a cause inspired case study with dibble institute

Working With a Strategy: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Since 1996, the Dibble Institute has provided resources to teens and young adults to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to have healthy romantic relationships throughout life. Dibble provides tools and resources such as program kits and program downloads, webinar trainings, and grant assistance.

When Dibble’s Ad Grant management team here at Cause Inspired noticed a decline in performance from 2018 to 2019, the Digital Strategist and Analyst pair implemented a new keyword segmentation strategy. Campaigns and ad groups in the account were separated based on themes among search terms. Maintaining small and distinct ad groups with minimal keywords, the team increased their focus on the ad copy of each audience to match searcher intent. 

The changes made in April 2019 made it easier for Google’s machine learning to understand the account’s organization and helped bring in more traffic through variations of each topic grouping. With the Optimization Package, Dibble’s team of experts kept a close eye on the changes made with each weekly task. For every optimization or auditing task, the management team broke up the responsibilities into essential duties, expanding the number of different ad groups over time.

Results showed that this strategy was successful when account traffic began to increase each month. By October 2019, the account reached its highest performing month, with an increase in ad spend of almost $2,000 and 1,000 more users from October of the previous year. As 2019 continued, their clicks, impressions, and ad spend continued to increase as well. By January 2020, they had a 726% increase in clicks, a 600% increase in impressions, and a 769% increase in ad spend in comparison to the previous year. Dibble’s Google Ad Grant accounted for 46% of its total website traffic just that month and continues to increase.

cost and clicks of the Dibble Institute Google Ad Grant comparing 2018 to 2019

The upsurge in traffic made more valuable conversions available for creation, such as Purchases, PDF Downloads, Webinar Registrations, newsletter signups, and more. These goals are more meaningful than the base Smart Goals, which track things like Page View and Scroll Depth. The new goals have generated accurate, measurable results for the client’s data-driven marketing.

Dibble’s dedicated Google Ad Grant management team, while making small, deliberate changes over time, was able to create a new strategy from one that was previously successful. By carefully monitoring the account performance, the Cause Inspired’s team of experts could see when a decrease in traffic happened and developed a successful plan to reverse this trend. This is one thing that sets Cause Inspired apart from other marketing agencies. We don’t just “set it and forget it.” Our management teams are always keeping an eye on opportunities to make improvements.

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