First impressions with new prospects happen online in today’s world. Your new website needs to be more than just flashy, eye-catching and cool. Modern websites built by Cause Inspired developers go beyond surface glitz and glam. Responsive, mobile-friendly and SEO-enabled are what you need. And that’s the kind of websites we develop for your brand.

  • In April 2016, Google announced the shift that all the website developers had been expecting for months: search on mobile devices was more popular than search on desktops. Mobile friendly websites were officially more important to your organization than ever before. Partnering with Cause Inspired ensures your site will be all it needs to be for you and your users.


    Our website developers and engineers are able to develop your new website user interface (how it looks and clicks) differently for desktop and website in the same site. Users will get the same content experience, but certain items are turned on/off or repositioned to optimize the look and feel for mobile.

  • Only for mobile web use, AMP pages load super fast and deliver a superior experience. Most web pages take way too long to load. These pages load in under 1 second. The average page load time is 7-9 seconds. Research has proven that user won’t tolerate this kind of lag time. In fact, any page that takes more than 3 seconds to load will never get that chance.


    AMP provides a simplified framework for mobile pages that is not only responsive and faster, but removes friction between original content, on-site advertising, and people actually using the site. It is able to do this through consistent organization, limiting some functionality, and distributing content throughout a network.

  • Security online is becoming harder and harder to ensure, but the simple things done right can still provide a good defense of your website. We know how much depends your new site and keeping it up and open for business in one of our main value-adds when you host with Cause Inspired.


    Server Up-Time: 99.998% Heavy Load-time Flexibility Redundant backup and restore

    Here’s some more value-adds:

    • Enterprise Class Customer Service – you have the questions, we have the right answers
    • Easy Back-End Management – WordPress websites allow anyone to make edits
    • Guaranteed Development Quality – your site will work as promised

  • Beautiful designs that look the way you want it to. It sounds simple, but this is a promise that takes our account managers, developers and engineers working as your team to produce. Like you, we want your site to be the one that others point out as a great example of “a site they like.”


    Elegant icons, animation fascination and breathing room for the reader gives your website a feeling that only comes from great design.


    Fast page load speeds come from understanding how web pages load and how pages fold. Above the fold is a term used in the newspaper industry. It designates the content that a reader will see first. It still holds true for web design. Our fast web sites trim the digital fat to deliver the tasty content.

  • Here’s the most important thing for you to remember about your new website: sites don’t rank – pages do. What that means is that when you Google something, specific pages appear, not your homepage web address. Most of these pages are content developed on blogs or news articles. The takeaway is that once your site is done, it’s not done but needs a constant stream of new content added to it on a consistent basis.

    Conversions on your site start with good content that is relevant and useful to the user. A conversion is any action that a user takes that furthers your goal. It could be getting them to sign up for your newsletter, buy a product, fill out a form, or download a white paper. Content and conversions go together like websites and SEO.

  • Our website editing system is reliable and makes it simple to create or manage beautiful, effective pages. We offer training and answer questions.

Our Process is Streamlined, Professional and Efficient


One of our web experts will meet with you personally to discuss and discover your organizations needs and goals.


After a thorough discovery session our team will put together a plan with an execution process, steps and price points.


We start our process with a full understanding of goals and expectations so that the execution of the plan can be as painless and stress-free as possible. Our goal is to leave you with a product that exceeds your expectations!