Cause Inspired Media knows what is important to your organization and how to build your passion into successful campaigns that will grow your organization.


We work with non-profits in managing their digital advertising for them by leveraging our experience with Google Ad Grants. We utilize the Ad Grant in very unique ways, targeting the needs of each organization. For some, we focus more on direct donation while others we use the Ad Grant to help nonprofits develop larger corporate donors and capacity building. With our experience, we now manage over 40 million dollars in Google Ad Grants. Not only are we a Google Partner, we are a “Google Certified Professional.”  Google has developed the highest standards in managing the Google Ad Grant; Cause Inspired Media has exceeded these standards. As Google states, “The Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community was designed to enhance the Ad Grants experience for professionals and Grantees alike. This community recognizes the network of agencies, consultants and trainers who look after nonprofits globally…” 

We have several non-profits receiving the full benefits of the Ad Grant, $10,000 each month. We have been able to increase the average targeted traffic to non-profits’ websites by double and for many we provide the vast majority of their traffic. We increase the physical traffic to their fundraisers as well. We have an understanding that goals for non-profits can differ greatly than those of a traditional ‘for profit company.’ We focus on several main directions to help your organization grow in event marketing, corporate sponsorship, volunteerism, donation development, and cause awareness.

40 Million
Managing 40 Million Dollars in Google AdGrants
1.78 Billion
We've Helped Our Clients Reach Over 1.78 Billion People
35 Million
35 Million Users Engaged in Meaningful Ways With Our Clients

Inspired Results

“Cause Inspired Media, though the power of the nonprofits we help, has made real and meaningful change in our world.”

Inspired Results




Cause Inspired Media has partnered with Google to help with their Non-Profit Advertising Grant. This Grant for $10,000 per month in advertising is often daunting to Non-Profits, this is where Cause Inspired Media has a chance to come in and make this a success for your Non-Profit.


Cause Inspired Media is here to help you reach your Donors, Volunteers, and Sponsors through creative marketing and relationship management. We are not just a marketing firm, we specialize in assisting Non-Profit’s reach their goals.


Since we are all about helping Non-Profits reach their goals it stands to reason that we would design with Donors in mind. Every time your Non-Profit interacts with the public you need to make them think and remember you. Our design makes that happen. Learn more.


Cause Inspired Media partners with the best and the brightest in the world of development and we want to pass that on to you. We take your ideas for a new Website, A new App, or whatever will help your organization to grow and make it a reality.

Founder - COO

A founding partner of Cause Inspired Media, Sean is the liaison between nonprofits and Google. He is in charge of Google Ad Grant Procurement and Google Ads management. Sean has years of creative digital marketing experience and has been quoted and interviewed in various industry articles. Like many Cause Inspired employees, Sean is a Flagler College alum.

Founder - CEO

Josh is a founding partner of Cause Inspired Media. He has devoted years to connecting meaningful nonprofit organizations with the technical know-how they need to be effective in Digital Marketing. His business and technical expertise are dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations reach their goals. Plus, he has amazing hair!

VP Strategic Partnerships

As our VP of Strategic Partnerships, she leverages her years of experience in Nonprofit executive and board leadership, development, and marketing, coupled with her passion for the world changers of the social sector, to build meaningful relationships with our partners and the nonprofit clients we serve.

Senior Web Developer

Amy has more than 15 years experience in web development. She excels at WordPress, but is unbelievably crafty and can fix almost any problem. She is a highly valued member of the team and her enthusiasm for nonprofits has resulted in many beautiful websites for our clients.

Senior Software Developer

Geoff has been doing web development professionally for 15 years. He specializes in PHP, JavaScript, modern frontend libraries and frameworks, and full stack development. He believes that well defined requirements and goals, strong communication, and good planning are essential for any project to succeed. Geoff is from St. Augustine, but now resides in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

Director of Brand Strategy

Putting your brand in Dave’s hands is about as good a choice as you can make. With two decades of advertising and marketing under his belt, there’s no challenge or pain point that Dave hasn’t seen before. He’s guided multi-billion dollar global brands with a steady hand, but the truth is, he really enjoys helping the smaller organizations rise to the top. As a founder for his own nonprofit, Dave understands the dedication of nonprofit organizations firsthand.

Operations Manager

Sarah is a Florida native who has always had a special interest in nonprofits, including volunteering with numerous organizations in North Florida, and serving on philanthropic committees throughout her professional experience. Sarah brings years of customer service, project management and associate development experience. She is passionate about creative problem solving, empowering people, community involvement and her three year old rescue pup, Frida.

Strategic Planning & Operations Manager

Emily Dietz holds a degree in Business Administration along with minors in Economics, Marketing, and Advertising. She loves nonprofits and volunteers with the Lightner Museum and enjoys developing relationships with the nonprofits we work with. Originally from Ohio, Emily is a Midwestern at heart and a die-hard Cincinnati Reds fan!

Katie Kelderman
Digital Media Coordinator

Katie has a degree in Political Science with minors in Sociology and Economics. Her diverse educational background has provided her with knowledge that translates well when developing relationships with the nonprofits we help. Katie’s skills cover a range of services, including social media, web design, and content creation.

Project Architect

Ashley is a Florida native, and travel enthusiast. Her background is in industrial organization and cross cultural leadership, but her proven specialty is in improving productivity by understanding and managing workplace environments. She has worked with regional, national, and international organizations. Ashley has a heart for working with nonprofits and generating strong working relations with them and the teams that serve them.

Senior Digital Strategist

Hailing from the UK, Owain is very dedicated and focused on helping our nonprofits develop comprehensive strategies, increasing direct donations, volunteers, and corporate sponsors. His background in Civil and Structural Engineering makes him a numbers-driven Google Analytics expert! When he is not at work, Owain is enjoying his wife’s baking with their 2 cats and dachshund!

Senior Digital Analyst

Gabriella has a degree in Business Administration with minors in Psychology and Marketing. She is dedicated to her accounts and improving their performance, making her a Google Analytics expert. Aside from her passion for nonprofits, Gabriella is a travel enthusiast, and has visited exciting locations such as Spain, Amsterdam and the Sahara Desert.

Digital Strategist

Sarah is a Florida local and has a degree in Strategic Communication with two minors in Marketing and Political Science. She loves cooking, board games, making others laugh, and the complex yet ever-changing world of digital marketing. Sarah takes pride in every nonprofit she works with whether they help others at the smallest scale or work internationally for global change. Her aim is to help nonprofits accomplish their goals, expand their reach, and prosper in the realm of digital marketing!

Digital Analyst

Charlie has a degree in Strategic Communication with a minor in Marketing. He loves working with nonprofits who take passion in their outreach and works diligently to help them expand their audience through digital marketing. He spends his free time volunteering with local organizations, admiring vintage watches, and traveling with his family. If you see him outside of work, chances are he’s deeply lost in his favorite book but don’t be afraid to ask him about his watch – he’ll always talk about his watch!

Digital Strategist

Amanda is a native to St. Augustine, Florida and has 13 years experience in the web industry. A proud mother of 3, Amanda is passionate about nonprofits and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. With a soft spot for nonprofit organizations that work with veterans and children, Amanda’s fun demeanor professional expertise make her a remarkable Digital Strategist!

Digital Analyst

Nikki is originally from Massachusetts and has a degree in Strategic Communication. She is passionate about working with nonprofits, and she enjoys using digital advertising to promote their causes. Nikki’s secret talent is crafting incredible ads and content for difficult-to-advertise landing pages. Aside from work, Nikki loves animals, cooking, live music, and the beach.

Digital Strategist

Carly has a degree in Communications & Public Relations. She loves visiting the Disney & Universal theme parks, crafting, and live music. She is passionate about helping others and advocating for important causes. We’re glad to have her!

Digital Analyst

Paris has degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. She is a Georgia native, but was raised in Tennessee. Paris is a twin, loves coffee, and anything Star Wars. In the future, she hopes to be a marketer in the video game industry. We love having Paris on the team!

Digital Strategist

Tim comes to CIM with over 15 years of experience in social media marketing, and has a passion for brand management and digital marketing. Tim is a huge basketball fan and, in addition to playing weekly, produces and hosts a weekly podcast about the Phoenix Suns. Tim is also happily engaged with a wonderful soon-to-be stepson. We are glad to have Tim on the team!

Digital Strategist

Ezequiel is originally from Southern California but considers Jacksonville his second home. He enjoys taking on new challenges, playing video games, working out, and listening to podcasts & music. Ezequiel has years of customer service experience, and looks forward to applying his skills to our nonprofit clients. We’re glad to have him!

Digital Analyst

Jennifer is currently working towards her degree in English at Flagler College. She is also a self-published author, and has earned her Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. In her spare time, Jennifer volunteers for a suicide hotline when she is home in MA.

AdWords Architect

Originally from Staten Island, Hunter is a senior at Flagler College studying Strategic Communication/Public Relations and minoring in Marketing and Advertising. She enjoys traveling, the beach, almond milk lattes, and participating in her favorite hobbies, like photography, skateboarding, golfing, and design. We are happy to have you, Hunter!

Adwords Sage

A native of Tampa, Florida, Maggie is currently a senior at Flagler College and is majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in Graphic Design. Maggie is passionate about social activism, and also enjoys hiking, road trips, and spending time with family and friends. We are glad to have her on the team!

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