Angeles Crest: A Cause Inspired Case Study

year-round brand awareness a cause inspired case study

Angeles Crest: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Founded in the 1940s, Angeles Crest Christian Camp was established “to support the Christian Churches/Church of Christ camping outreach ministry.” Angeles Crest is a camp in the San Gabriel Mountains outside of Los Angeles, California dedicated to helping kids enjoy nature in a Christian community. This organization had not previously taken full advantage of the Google Ad Grant, and was eager to work with Cause Inspired Media.

Angeles Crest put their trust in Cause Inspired Media’s hands in early 2018 to manage their Google Ad Grant account. One of their main goals was promoting their summer and winter camps. They do not host any events in the Spring or Fall seasons. Although this organization only has camps during two out of the four seasons, their Google Ad Grant management team focused on building awareness for these camps year-round. By advertising for relevant blogs and including keywords based on searchers’ intent, their Google Ads account began to show an improvement in performance. As the ads Cause Inspired Media created ran over time, their dedicated team of experts implemented different smart bidding strategies and included additional keywords derived from actual searches, allowing their ads to reach more in-market individuals.

Click the image to see account metrics from May 2019 – June 2019

When Cause Inspired Media first took over management of their Ad Grant account, their progress was slow. Between May and June of 2018, their ads were only getting about 9,000 impressions, and they had a 5.23% click-through-rate (CTR). Also during this time, Angeles Crest was only able to use less than $1,000 out of the $10,000 allocated in monthly ad spend. However, after a few more months, Cause Inspired Media was able to focus on year-round awareness campaigns and implement smart bidding strategies. In their off-seasons, we continued advertising for their camps and blogs just in case a user would sign up for a camp when the registration opened up.

In the same timer period in 2019, impressions reached over 28,500 and their CTR increased to 6.22%. Cause Inspired Media was also able to increase their ad spend, taking advantage of more than $8,600 of the monthly credit. Their conversions also increased significantly, going from just 19 between May and June of 2018, to an impressive 173 during the same time period in 2019. Camp sign-ups also saw an increase of more than 140% year over year. By June 12th, 2019, our client reported that they had to close registrations for this summer’s camp because they had reached capacity sooner than they expected.

Angeles Crest continues to see improvement in their account performance and valuable actions taken on their website. If you have any questions, or would like Cause Inspired Media to manage your organization’s Ad Grant, contact us!