My Recovery Day: A Cause Inspired Case Study

my recovery day: a cause inspired case study

My Recovery Day: A Cause Inspired Case Study

My Recovery Day is a nonprofit organization that provides resources to individuals recovering from addiction. In 1999, Bill Tymoszczuk began selling items on eBay. His success at making a profit on eBay led him to consider using eBay as a teaching and income platform for men and women in recovery. In 2018 the first JOBS program participant began their journey to sustainable recovery.

The nonprofit has three main programs to help those in recovery. Their free “4Today” mobile app provides resources, meeting locations, sobriety trackers, and more. The Recovery Bank provides individuals in recovery various household appliances, such as furniture, kitchenware, bathroom products, and more free of charge. My Recovery Day’s “J.O.B.S.” (Just Online Being Sober) Program provides technology training selling donated items online within a safe and sober environment.

The organization hoped to gain more site traffic and, in turn, donations to support their JOBS Program and the Recovery Bank. The nonprofit particularly wanted item donations from businesses with a high resale value to support their JOBS program.

The overarching strategy the team of experts working with My Recovery Day created had the intention to increase awareness and generate phone calls. The team began by targeting keywords based on household donations during the early months of the pandemic in order to capture audiences looking to clear out space in their homes. Those donated items would be sold through My Recovery Day’s JOBS program. The client saw a significant increase in calls and wanted to get more specific with targeting for the types of items being donated, particularly increasing donations from businesses.

The team narrowed the keyword targeting and expanded the location targeting to try to reach businesses donating medical/dental equipment, old computers and tech, and more. My Recovery Day reported an increase in calls from businesses looking to make donations, and most were a good fit for the resale JOBS program. Expanding the location targeting proved to be useful: the largest donation the organization received was from a dental office located a 2-hour drive from the client. The dental office donated old dental equipment with a high resale value, which is a big win for the nonprofit’s JOBS program. 

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Previously, most calls to My Recovery Day were from individuals looking to make household/residential donations that have a lower resale value. The team’s change in targeting resulted in calls from individuals looking to donate items with higher resale value. The organization also received a large individual monetary donation ($2,000) from someone who was searching for organizations that support people in addiction recovery after the donor’s grandson died of an overdose. 

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