Disaster Relief Campaigns: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Disaster Relief Campaigns: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Disaster Relief Campaigns: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Creating change across the country, InFaith Community Foundation provides trusted stewardship to make the most of donors’ charitable support. Rooted in many different denominations of Christian faith, InFaith gives to create lasting change in the shared community.

After 2018 hurricanes Florence and Michael, InFaith created a page on their website describing a third-party provider, Thrivent’s, donation matching initiative that contributes to disaster relief efforts. The page included links to donate to various organizations with disaster response funds who had been designated by Thrivent to receive donation matches. As an added bonus, Thrivent promised to pay the processing fees for donations made through InFaith Community Foundation so that 100% of the donated funds contributed to relief efforts.

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By writing sufficient content about disaster relief and how they aim to help these situations, InFaith’s disaster relief page was able to capture the attention of a broad national audience searching for resources to help after natural disasters. These trending topics compete for a larger audience than most nonprofits are accustomed to, but casting a wide net can be very effective when increasing general awareness of the organization and their mission. These broad campaigns are able to attract new users to InFaith’s website with the intention to donate to relief efforts, but in the process, they get to learn about InFaith and their specific mission.

InFaith’s Ad Grant management team began advertising for the page about Thrivent’s donation matching initiative, and set up tracking in order to gain insights into how supporters interact with the page after clicking the ad. Over the course of 3 months, hundreds of users clicked to donate to relief efforts, the vast majority of them new to InFaith and Thrivent.

“These donations came from a link on InFaithFound.org, and we feel that a majority of them came from Google Ads–a great result for a last minute test. We’re happy they’re stopping on our site to find out who we are (beyond disaster relief donations). This exposure is valuable, and we think it will be a good strategy going forward.”

After the success of the hurricane relief campaign, InFaith Community Foundation began another campaign with the same strategy, this time for the 2018 California wildfires. In less than 2 months, InFaith met Thrivent’s match limit. Combined with the hurricane relief campaign, the ads managed to direct more than 900 people to one of the donation pages, where over 600 separate donations were made to disaster relief efforts. This resulted in over $220,000 raised, including the match from Thrivent.

In total, $2.5 million dollars have been raised for InFaith’s disaster relief efforts throughout 2018. Cause Inspired Media is incredibly proud to have contributed to their 2018 success, and we are confident that we can continue to do so throughout 2019.

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