Did You Know: Google Offers Free Services For Nonprofits

Did You Know: Google Offers Free Services For Nonprofits

Did You Know: Google Offers Free Services For Nonprofits

Most nonprofits are likely well aware of the free $10,000 credit to advertise on Google’s Search Network, known as the Google Ad Grant. But Google offers a wide variety of other free tools for nonprofits, that some may not already be aware of.

Most nonprofits are familiar with the fact that Google offers a few programs and services to nonprofits free of charge. But some may be surprised to learn the full scope of these benefits, and the ways in which they can be used to benefit nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

If you are already a recipient of the $120,000 annual Google Ad Grant, then your nonprofit has already been enrolled in Google For Nonprofits, which Google requires in order to use any of their free services. Let’s explore some of the innovative ways that Google’s free tools can help your nonprofit:

G Suite For Nonprofits: Other than the Ad Grant, this may be what most users are familiar with already. Google offers all the benefits of G Suite without cost to nonprofit organizations. G Suite includes helpful features designed to help organizations communicate and collaborate more efficiently, from any location. These features include, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Hangouts, Gmail, Forms, Groups, Sites, and Google+. Visit the G Suite Learning Center for more information about using these features.

YouTube Nonprofit Program: To better connect with supporters, volunteers, and donors, Google offers qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations the free YouTube Nonprofit Program. This program can help nonprofits capture viewer support through the use of “donation cards,” allowing viewers to donate directly through the videos. Nonprofits can also use “Link Anywhere Cards” and similar annotations to make it easier for those interested to give their support, visit the website, or simply learn more about the organization’s mission. Nonprofits are also granted access to YouTube Spaces for state-of-the-art production support.

Google One Today: This free program allows nonprofits to build fundraising campaigns that are directly tied to impact, making it easy for supporters to give at any level, without transaction fees. Users can download the app, and subscribe to types of campaigns that interest them. From there, people can browse through various campaigns that explain what giving various amounts of money can achieve. This new tool is an excellent way to reach new supporters and donors, and can even keep them engaged by initiating matches, and “paying-it-forward” by gifting donation credits. Find out more about the enrollment process, here.

Google Earth Outreach: Designed to “bring your nonprofit’s story to life,” this free program enables nonprofits to publish custom maps on their website using the “My Maps” collaborative tools. Google Street View can also allow organizations to take potential and current supporters “on location” by collecting and showcasing street-level 360° imagery of their work throughout the globe. Internally, Google Maps APIs Free Plan can develop “compelling customized data visualizations to track and share your organization’s impact.” Learn more about how to use the product, and what your organization will need to get started, here.

If you have any questions about Google’s free programs for nonprofits, feel free to contact us! If you are an existing client, and would like additional information about these programs, or help enrolling, please reach out to your Strategist to schedule a meeting!