A Cause Inspired Case Study: Hospice Giving Foundation

A Cause Inspired Case Study: Hospice Giving Foundation

A Cause Inspired Case Study: Hospice Giving Foundation

Preparing for hospice or end-of-life care is a difficult thing to do for individuals and their family members.

The Hospice Giving Foundation eases this process for individuals in hospice care across America through a program called ‘Notes To My Family.’ Notes To my Family was created to help individuals leave behind important information for their loved ones. It is a planning tool that helps people express their wishes for end-of-life care and catalog important information regarding legal details, health, and finances. Individuals are also encouraged to include notes to loved ones and personal messages.

Early in March 2018, Hospice Giving Foundation took the advice of their Digital Strategist at Cause Inspired Media to install Tag Manager in an effort to directly track web traffic from the Google Ad Grant. Meanwhile, the organization updated their website with additional content, and did a slight website redesign to improve the site’s navigation and overall user experience. With the new updates to the site, Hospice Giving Foundation’s dedicated Ad Grant management team was able to build out a campaign for their Notes To My Family program. The campaign was built with specific goals in mind; increasing website traffic and getting that traffic to download information related to their program.

Click on the image to see Hospice Giving Foundation’s increase in conversions and web traffic since March 2018

The Foundation’s team of Ad Grant experts created a goal in Analytics that tracks PDF Downloads, then, they imported that goal into the Google Ads account. Google offers many helpful, free tools in the Google Marketing Platform, such as Optimize, Surveys, and Data Studio. Each tool easily links to a Google Ads account to streamline data and provide accurate results.

Through the new tracking tags, their Cause Inspired Ad Grant management team was able to track how many users downloaded Hospice Giving Foundation’s Notes To My Family resources, and use that data to optimize the performance of their Google Ads, as well as create an effective campaign that would captivate their audience. This initial tag showed high traffic, a sign that the campaign was successful.

In addition to increasing traffic to the organization’s website, 758 users downloaded a Notes To My Family PDF, and 684, or over 90%, of those came from directly from Google Ads. 

Currently, Google Ads supplies about 67% of total website traffic and about 93% of their PDF downloads. The new campaign, focused on the program and constantly optimized, has helped Hospice Giving Foundation expand their reach immensely. While it is always beneficial to increase website traffic with the Google Ad Grant, the implementation of advanced tracking and smart bidding in the Ad Grant account, allowed Cause Inspired Media’s management team to attract more meaningful conversions than ever before.

If you have any questions about Tag Manager, or increasing conversions with your Google Ad Grant, contact us, we’re glad to help!