The Imagine Project: A Cause Inspired Case Study

The Imagine Project: A Cause Inspired Case Study

The Imagine Project: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Across the country, The Imagine Project, Inc. teaches children and teens how to express themselves and process their emotions through expressive writing. The curriculum is free to download for any teacher, counselor, youth leader, parent, or child.

Prior to obtaining the Google Ad Grant, The Imagine Project promoted their mission through unpaid mediums, like social media and referrals, with a focus on their main goals: speaking engagements to spread their mission, book sales from e-commerce, and informational journal downloads. Without paid traffic, the organization saw less than five journal and newsletter signups per week.

In April of 2018, Cause Inspired Media assisted The Imagine Project in obtaining the Google Ad Grant and began creating campaigns. During the initial creation process, The Imagine Project’s dedicated Ad Grant management team kept the nonprofit’s goals in mind in order to prioritize conversions that were considered high value to the organization. With the Google Ad Grant, The Imagine Project now spends around $8,000 out of their $10,000 advertising credit each month, and the account has seen a substantial increase in new users.

Since working with Cause Inspired Media, The Imagine Project saw a massive increase in the success of each of their main goals with the help of the Google Ad Grant. Journal sign-ups increased from less than five each week to over 250 each month, and a quarter of all website visitors complete a specified goal. With the increase in awareness, Diane, the CEO and Founder of The Imagine Project, has been busier than ever with more speaking engagements and overall traffic to their website.

Cause Inspired Media has done a fantastic job managing the Google Ad Grant for The Imagine Project, Inc. We have received global traction because of the focused and expansive work they have done. I am so impressed and grateful for their knowledge and guidance to help our project reach children all over the world! I highly recommend Cause Inspired Media.” – Diane, CEO and Founder of The Imagine Project, Inc.

The Imagine Project has now reached at least 45 states and 9 countries. November 2018 website traffic increased over 1,700% from the previous year. Paid traffic, like the Google Ads created by Cause Inspired Media’s team of experts, account for nearly 70% of that traffic. 

With proper Ad Grant management, The Imagine Project is reaching more youth than ever before, giving the adults in their lives the tools to help bring positive change into the lives of future generations.

If you have any questions about how Cause Inspired Media can use the Google Ad Grant to bring more traffic to your website, contact us. We’re always happy to help!