Is It Time for a Cause TEST Inspired Re-Brand?

Answer these three question. One ‘no’ is one too many.

  • Has your brand kept pace with your growth?
  • Does your brand deliver the impact you need?
  • Is your brand memorable to your constituents?

Accurate & Modern

Our experts develop a your brand experience that is up to date with room to grow.

A Perfect Reflection

Lets create a brand that mirrors your unique attributes and good reason to care.


We will develop a brand that capture the heats and minds your constituents.

Fresh Ideas

Our proven process scales for any size organization and any mission.

Nonprofit Friendly

We work solely with nonprofits and we understand your unique needs.

Built for ROI

Board-friendly from end-to-end with a track record of branding success.

Our Services


What is Branding?

More than your logo and tagline, branding encompasses every element of our nonprofits. Key messages, competitive positioning, images, graphics and more all combine to bring your brand to life.


Why is Branding Important?

Branding keeps your organization relevant in a changing world. As you grow and evolve, your branding should be able to reflect the growth. With a cohesive branding strategy, you can keep your supporters engaged, and excited about what you’re doing.

Why do I Need Branding?

There are any number of reasons for a nonprofit to require a re-brand that can range from an outdated website, to new leadership, to increased competition in the industry. But whatever the reason, Cause Inspired Media has the expertise to help you through it!


How does It Work?

Our branding team takes time to understand your vision and the competition to help crystallize your organization, internally and externally, to help you reach new audiences with well-defined messages. We understand how important positioning and messaging are to your brand’s appeal, your mission, and your audience. Our branding team takes the time to understand your vision and the competition in order to determine how your brand will communicate both verbally and visually. Our foundational approach will help crystallize the organization, internally and externally, to help you reach new audiences with well-defined messages.

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Featured Case Study


All Children First went from an oversimplified concept to a fully-realized brand. Our branding was able to see a whole new marketing strategy that perfectly tied in the target market for their capital campaign.

First Class Branding on a Nonprofit Budget


Deliverables include a brand messaging platform, new logo, tagline and more.


Deliverables include key stakeholder interviews, brand messaging platform, brand guidelines, logo, tagline, competitive landscape study and more.