Cause Inspired Media understands what is important to your organization and develops that passion into successful campaigns to help grow your organization.

We work with Non-Profit organizations big and small all across the U.S. to organize, promote, and share their services with the world. Cause Inspired Media is there for you, whether you just started or have been serving for years.


Google Ad Grants

We work with non-profits in managing their digital advertising for them by leveraging our experience with Google AdGrants. We utilize the grant in very unique ways, targeting the needs of each organization. For some, we focus more on direct donation while others we use the grant to help nonprofits develop larger corporate donors. With our experience we now manage over 20 million dollars in Google Grants. We are a Google Partner and we are Certified by Google ensuring the highest standards in managing and procuring the Google AdGrant.

We have several non-profits receiving the full benefits of the grant, $10,000 each month. We have been able to increase the average targeted traffic to non-profits’ websites by double and for many we provide the vast majority of their traffic. We increase the physical traffic to their fundraisers as well. We have an understanding that goals for non-profits can differ greatly than those of a traditional ‘for profit company.’ We focus on several main directions to help your organization grow in event marketing, corporate sponsorship, volunteerism, donation development, and cause awareness.

What Our Clients Say

Founder - COO

Liaison between Nonprofit Organizations and Google for grant procurement and AdWords management as well as creative marketing and consulting; the Master of ‘The Google.’

Founder - CEO

Joshua Lusk is A founding partner of Cause Inspired Media. He has devoted years to connecting meaningful Nonprofit Organizations with the technical know-how they need to be effective in Digital Marketing. Plus, he has amazing hair!

VP Business Development

Along with being the Vice President of Business Development for Cause Inspired Media, she has more than 10 years experience in Nonprofit leadership, development, and administration. Stefanie is very passionate about the work she does for Nonprofits and she has developed that passion into building meaningful relationships with the Nonprofits she works with

Senior Web Developer

Amy has almost 12 years in web development. She excels at WordPress but, is crafty and can fix almost any problem. She is a highly valued member of the team and with her passion for Nonprofits, she has been able to create some amazing websites for our clients.

Senior UX Amplifier

Throughout his career, Pierino has worked across a broad spectrum industries ranging from fashion to finance. Pierino’s goal is to turn up the volume on User Experience Design and Full Stack JavaScript in order to make the web a better place! Aside from work, Pierino holds a Bachelors degree from Florida State University in Classical Guitar. He is a published BMI songwriter and continues to perform and record.

Senior Digital Strategist

Hailing from the UK, Owain is very dedicated and focused on helping our Nonprofits develop comprehensive strategies, increasing direct donations, volunteers, and corporate sponsors.

Digital Strategist

Charlie is a graduate of Flagler College, earning a degree Strategic Communication with a minor in Marketing. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and binge watching his favorite shows on Netflix. He is excited about Google Adwords and working with Nonprofits. We are lucky to have someone so passionate on the team!

Business Development Strategist

Emily Dietz, a graduate of Flagler College (Cum Laude) holds a degree in Business Administration along with minors in Economics, Marketing, and Advertising. We are lucky to have her! She loves Nonprofits; she volunteers with the Lightner Museum and enjoys developing relationships with the Nonprofits we work with.

Business Development Specialist

Ashley is a graduate of Flagler College with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Math. Her love of people and of developing relationships makes her excited to be working with Nonprofits. We are thrilled to have her on the team!

Digital Strategist

As a recent graduate of Flagler College, Ximena focuses on Psychology and Marketing which transitions well to her job behind the screen as a digital strategist. Her fun and light-hearted personality has helped develop a unique relationship between her and the Nonprofits that she works with (especially the cute animal ones).

Social Media Strategist

Katie is a recent graduate of Flagler College, earning a degree in Political Science with minors in Sociology and Economics. Her diverse educational background has provided her with knowledge that translates well when developing relationships with the Nonprofits we help. With her positive attitude and passion for helping others, she is sure to be working with Nonprofits throughout her career!

Digital Media Amplifier

Sarah is a Florida local working towards her in Strategic Communications at Flagler College! She is passionate in her work as a Digital Media Amplifier because she loves creating content with a positive and effective message. As a volunteer enthusiast Sarah has found her passion in working for Nonprofits and intends on making it the center of her career after she graduates!

Business Development Sage

Kelsie is a sophomore at the University of Florida and is working towards a degree in Marketing with a minor in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership. Her passion for Nonprofits began when she was in high school after she went on a Jamaican mission trip, and saw first hand how Nonprofits were making a difference despite their limited resources. We’re so lucky to have such a passionate intern!

Digital Analyst

Gabriella is a graduate of Flagler College and has a degree in Business Administration with minors in Psychology and Marketing. Aside from her passion for Nonprofits, Gabriella is a travel enthusiast, and has visited exciting locations such as Spain, Amsterdam and the Sahara Desert. We’re excited to have her on the team!

Digital Analyst

Nikki is originally from Massachusetts and graduated from Flagler College with a degree in Strategic Communication. She is passionate about working with Nonprofits, and she enjoys using digital advertising to promote their causes. Aside from work, Nikki loves animals, cooking, live music, and the beach. We’re lucky to have her on the team!

22 Million
Managing 22 Million Dollars in Google AdGrants
1.2 Billion
We've Helped Our Clients Reach Over 1.2 Billion People
17 Million
17 Million Users Engaged in Meaningful Ways With Our Clients' Websites

Inspired Results

“Cause Inspired Media, though the power of the nonprofits we help, has made real and meaningful change in our world.”




Cause Inspired Media has partnered with Google to help with their Non-Profit Advertising Grant. This Grant for $10,000 per month in advertising is often daunting to Non-Profits, this is where Cause Inspired Media has a chance to come in and make this a success for your Non-Profit.


Cause Inspired Media is here to help you reach your Donors, Volunteers, and Sponsors through creative marketing and relationship management. We are not just a marketing firm, we specialize in assisting Non-Profit’s reach their goals.


Since we are all about helping Non-Profits reach their goals it stands to reason that we would design with Donors in mind. Every time your Non-Profit interacts with the public you need to make them think and remember you. Our design makes that happen. Learn more.


Cause Inspired Media partners with the best and the brightest in the world of development and we want to pass that on to you. We take your ideas for a new Website, A new App, or whatever will help your organization to grow and make it a reality.

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