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updating your website to improve and increase inbound leads

Updating Your Website to Improve & Increase Inbound Lead Quality: A Cause Inspired Case Study

At the Center for Psychological Counseling & Consultation, Dr. Marnie Shanbhag counsels individuals, couples, and executive teams. For several years, Dr. Shanbhag managed her own Google Search Ads Campaigns but increasingly realized she needed more expertise from specialists in the field. In June of 2017, she reached out to Cause Inspired for help. Within Google Search Ads, our marketing efforts were focused on paid Search Network campaigns — which is simply advertising on the same platform as the Ad Grant with genuine cost-per-click transactions — and we targeted users within 20 miles of Dr. Shanbhag’s Central Florida office.


In 2019, the Center opted for a new website in hopes of not only updating what they had, but building upon it for a better user experience. Cause Inspired Media’s website development team built the site with the goal to improve the quantity of inbound leads. A content refresh and updated theme can do a lot for a website. Dr. Shanbhag’s new site brought in new brand colors, calming images, and helpful content that answers users’ questions when searching for counseling. Each page had a compelling call-to-action that convinced users to take the next step and complete an action or goal. Following completion, the revamped website improved the domain’s search engine score, increasing organic search traffic and conversions.


Homepage comparison

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Before After


dr. shanbhag's google my business monthly report displaying clicks for website and directions, etc

Dr. Shanbhag’s monthly Google My Business performance report. Click to view full size.

The quarter following the website completion showed a major increase in goal completions for all traffic sources, particularly paid search. Sprucing up the website improved metrics overall; clicks and impressions increased 14.46% and 16.07% respectively. Organic searches have continued to improve month over month, as displayed in the monthly Google My Business report.


The main goal of the website update was to increase leads to the counseling site. Leads from the Center’s website have doubled since the website update, but advertising costs have remained the same as before. Although Dr. Shanbhag was happy with her online performance with the previous website, she clearly saw  an improvement in the quantity of incoming quality leads from the new website after we implemented changes.


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