GA4 Living Resource Page

GA4 Living Resource Page

Moving to GA4 is a big and intimidating transition for millions of website managers and advertisers around the world. GA4 is still an evolving platform, so we decided to make a Living GA4 Resource Page to compile the latest helpful information and guides that we’ve found and used for our clients. We’ll update it periodically as we find and create new resources that can help you!

Upcoming GA4 Intro Webinar with Cause Inspired

Join us on November 4th for our next Education Series Webinar, this time with a focus on the GA4 transition.

GA4 for Beginners

This educational video presents a thorough overview of the basics of GA4, including:

  • Setting up a GA4 Account
  • Installing GA4 on Your Website
  • Home Screen Report Walkthrough
  • Metrics Overview
  • Conversion Tracking

Installing GA4 on Your Website

Here is our Guide on How to Set Up and Install GA4 on Your Website.

If you’re having issues, here is a Google Support page that lists common installation mistakes and how to troubleshoot them.

Downloading Your Historical Data

One major change is that GA4 will only retain user-level data, including conversions, for a maximum of 14 months. Unfortunately, there is not a way to migrate historical data from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4. But you can export your UA data, so you can have it as a point of reference for Year Over Year data and Seasonal trends. This article walks you through how to transfer data to Google Sheets.

Transferring Goals from UA to GA4

This article offers a guide on transferring your UA goals to GA4.

Other Resources