The Client Education Series

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The Client Education Series

Much like the needs of nonprofits, the world of digital marketing is always changing. It can be hard to stay on top of everything, and some aspects of digital marketing for nonprofits seem like lessons you can only learn from experience. Fortunately, Cause Inspired has invited industry leaders to present and answer questions in their specific fields in order to help clients stay informed and optimize their nonprofit’s support.

The Client Education Series is a webinar series connecting you to innovative nonprofit thought leaders to help your agency prepare for the future of fundraising and nonprofit management. The series is free for Cause Inspired clients, and reminders are sent out via our client newsletter. Experts from across the nonprofit industry bring exciting information, tips, and resources to attendees. 

This series is new to 2021, and we’ve had some great webinars so far! Beginning with our first webinar in May, we gave clients a rundown of what makes a successful nonprofit website, including common pitfalls, how SEO works, and how to get the most out of your people visiting their website. Our first guest speaker appeared in June when NANOE founder Jimmy LaRose talked about what the role of a board should be, how much involvement should they have in the day-to-day decisions for the organization, should volunteer boards (who have no experience in fundraising) be asked to raise funds, and what is the best use of a board’s time and resources.

Philanthropist Lisa Greer joined us in July and spoke about how the future is changing for fundraising. Greer touched on how demographics play a role and why it’s urgent for nonprofits to recognize the change that is coming now. Morgan Berman, Founder & Board Chair of MilkCrate, was our guest speaker in August. Berman shared free and low-cost tech tools for tracking and sharing a nonprofit’s impact in order to improve your impact tracking and storytelling.

In September, Stephen Strum, Financial Advisor, MBA at Northwestern Mutual, gave an overview of charitable giving with the new tax law, qualified retirement accounts, and planned giving. Attendees were able to broaden their understanding of how and why people can give to their organization.

Brenda Swann, Founder of Growing Your Good Work, was our guest speaker for the October webinar. As the founder of a consulting agency for nonprofits, Swann explained to clients how they can integrate their website into their strategic goals in order to better utilize their website as a strategic planning tool. In the following month, Morgan Berman was back to answer pressing questions for nonprofits, such as when does it make sense for an organization to get a mobile app, what to expect from the process, and how to budget for an app.

Each of our valued clients of Cause Inspired is invited to attend and encouraged to participate. If you are a current client of Cause Inspired and you didn’t receive your invite email for the Client Education Series event, you can request an invite via the form on our site.