Cause Inspired Media: Handling Google’s Inconsistencies

Cause Inspired Media: Handling Google’s Inconsistencies

Cause Inspired Media: Handling Google’s Inconsistencies

Most people already agree that Google is among the most predominant leaders in the tech world. But what happens if they don’t get it quite right? Google isn’t perfect, and it’s important to have someone on your side who can handle Google’s inconsistencies.

As you may already be aware, the Google Grant is an incredibly helpful advertising tool for nonprofits. Since 2003, Google has been giving 501(c)(3) organizations a $10,000 monthly credit to advertise on Google’s search network using Adwords. Over the last few years, since our inception in 2014, we have been able to prove consistently that the Google Grant (in combination with an updated website) can drive revenue to nonprofits that use it effectively. However, although Google does it’s best to create user-friendly interface, often times Google changes processes, criteria, policies, etc., without notifying their users. According to our Senior Strategist, Owain Hobbs, “this can be increasingly difficult for Google Grant recipients, as they follow a secondary set of rules that can update just as frequently.”

In fact, this year we have had quite a few clients experience these very issues. One notable example happened earlier this year when Google changed their application process without warning. During the typical application process, Google requires the user to create an AdWords account by going through a specific link (or button). In March, that button broke and instead of taking the user to the account creation process, it directed the user to a blank page without any written code. Fortunately, we were able to replicate the issue with Google through both email and screen-share, and were then given a temporary work-around using AdWords Express. This issue went on for a whole month before Google finally corrected it.

A more recent issue involves Google suspending active grant accounts that have already been approved. Just this month, Google rolled out a system improving their ability to see domains being used with the Grant that were not actually approved. This system may appear useful, however, in this case it seemed to be pulling from an inaccurate database, suspending accounts for using domains that were, in fact, approved by Google. In our experience, nearly 8% of our total clients were affected by these inaccuracies. In order to remedy the situation, we had to prove to Google (again, by using screen-share and email) that the domains being suspended had already been approved. Although this issue occurred during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, when our team was working remotely for 5 days due to power outages, we were able to be in immediate contact with Google, and had all issues resolved within a week.

These are just two examples out of many that we have experienced in our time working with Google. But because our account strategists have had such frequent communication with Google, and also have a deep understanding of AdWords, they are consistently able to resolve issues in a timely manner. Our Chief Operating Officer, Sean Kerr states that, “since we have such frequent contact with Google and their Nonprofits Department, some of their Reps are so familiar with and trusting of what we do, that they approve some of our requests without requiring further information.” This can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get grants approved, and issues resolved.

Having a trusted partner in Adwords ensures that your team will not be burdened with the task of staying up to date on Google’s changes, and other issues that could occur. Our team at Cause Inspired Media is passionate about the missions of our clients and Google Adwords itself. This deep passion and knowledge enables us to manage your account with effectiveness and care, giving you confidence in the success of your digital campaigns.

If you have any questions about applying for the Google Grant, or navigating the complexities of Google Adwords, contact us! We’re happy to help.

By: Emily Dietz, Strategic Planning & Operations Manager