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Increase visibility, donations and volunteers. Our experts will maximize your grant to get you the biggest results.




With Google Ads you get free exposure to relevant users. Promote your mission through Ads on search result pages.


Google Ads Help you spread the word out about your events, fundraisers and initiatives for free through targeted ad campaigns!


Increase Traffic


Drive relevant users to your website then convert those users to supporters and contributors!


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If you are eligible for the Google Ad Grant program (see below). Nonprofits are eligible that:

  • Hold a valid, current 501c3 charity status
  • Accept Google Ad Grant’s required application certifications
  • Have an operational website with substantial valid content
  • Not be a governmental entity organization.
  • Not be a hospital or medical group.
  • Not be a school, childcare center or academic institution.


After you are approved for your Google AdGrants our experts will do a complete analysis on your organization as well as your online presence to create and maintain AdWord campaigns.

Positive Online Marketing Results
Funding & Membership Growth
Increased Organization Awareness

Organization Analysis & Ad Creation

Our experts with thoroughly get to know your organization, your goals and your needs, then we will create a Google Ads campaign tailored to your needs.

Expose Your Ads

After your Ads have been create and your campaign set up we will start strategically running your Ads so that relevant users see your Ads.

Tracking, Conversions & Alterations

Our experts don’t just “set it and forget it”, we monitor your campaign, present reports to you and then make alterations to your campaign to make sure you are getting the most results from your grant money.


The ongoing end product of all our hard work is increased exposure for your organization, new volunteers and more donations. All of this without having to spend a dime on Ads!










Let us make this hassle free for you by walking with you from the beginning.
google ad grants process

If your organization does meet the criteria, GREAT, the next thing you will need to do it go through the application process. The application process can be tedious, confusing and cumbersome, but our experienced Google Ad Grant experts have gone through this process many times and understand what it takes to get approval and achieve success with nonprofit advertising.

Applying for and managing a successful Google Ad Grant account is complex and can be extremely time consuming, that’s why it’s important to have our Google Certified experts in your side. We specialize in helping out clients get approved. When you work with a team of experts like us we not only take care getting you approved for the grant, we make sure your Google Ad Grant status is maintained and compliant with all of the Google Ad Grant criteria.

Did you know that the average nonprofit will only use about 3% of their $10,000 monthly budget? This means the average nonprofit is leaving $9,700 unused per month! With our team of certified experts we can help your nonprofit use the full $10,000 Google Ad Grant and allow you to devote your time to running your nonprofit organization.