Social Media for Nonprofits: Best Practices

Social Media for Nonprofits: Best Practices

Social Media for Nonprofits: Best Practices

As part of a nonprofit team, you’re no stranger to having a mission. Whether to eliminate poverty or protect an endangered species, you understand what your overall charge is. Similarly, your social media marketing goals and mission should be just as clear. The actions you will take and the content you will create on social media should tie back to your overall communication and digital strategy, as well as your mission, vision, and values. 

Once you’ve determined your goals, your next step will be to decide how you will measure success and what metrics you will track to assess the outcome of your social media efforts. For example, if engaging your community is a goal, you might measure success by responses to your posts and engagement in social discussions, volume of posts using a specific hashtag, and participation in online campaigns.

From pictures and graphics to short videos and text, your organization should share a variety of posts across its networks. Visual content can often reach emotional triggers in a way that words alone cannot, which will allow you to draw more attention to the cause at hand. Capturing snapshots and short videos on your phone enables you to share powerful moments from events, fundraisers, programs, etc. Those types of posts can give your followers a meaningful peek behind-the-scenes of your organization.

Creating a social media content calendar will help you plan and schedule your social media posts in advance. If you are working with a team, or reaching out to others in your organization for photos or information, a content calendar will help you stay on top of planning campaigns and preparing materials in advance. Determine a posting frequency and cadence that will keep your organization in front of your audience while leaving you time to manage your community, share newsworthy content and measure your impact.

There are thousands of charities on social media, and millions of other organizations and people too, all fighting for your audiences time. Take the time to break the clutter, stand out, and join our now instantaneous and accelerated society!

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