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Smart Nonprofit Marketing Strategies

A non-profits marketing budget can be a sensitive topic, with such diverse methods and tactics it can be difficult to decide how much is an appropriate amount to budget. Typically, it depends on the organization itself; its size, history, funding, these are all important factors to consider when breaking down a budget. A younger nonprofit may want to allocate more funds, 5%-10% more, on generating awareness than a more established organization, with no marketing budget exceeding 15% of total revenue.
Digital Marketing PPC CampaignGiven the limited resources of most nonprofits it is important to maximize the effectiveness of the money the organization spends on marketing and advertising. Like the common fishing analogy, some fishing spots are going to produce more than others. The same goes for advertising and marketing. The outcome of your marketing is only as good as the channels you use to disseminate it. While many non-profits take a traditional approach to marketing, your organization could make itself stand out from the crowd by using several digital tactics across multiple platforms to create a lasting impression on your audience.
In the past, flyers were the go-to form of marketing, and for good reason. They are informational, eye catching, and can be passed out to be read at the person’s leisure. What’s a problem with these little flyers? Sooner or later that flyer will make its way to the trash can. That is your marketing budget that was just thrown in the trash. Instead of spending that money on an effectively single use item that will reach one target, why not spend that money on a dynamic digital PPC campaign that can reach thousands. A campaign that adapts to its reader, and is presented at a convenient time. When analyzing the effectiveness of every dollar spent it is hard to find a more consistent method form of marketing that delivers the same ‘bang’ for a buck.

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Did you know that Google offers $10,000 a month in Google AdGrants to qualifying nonprofit organizations? Learn more here.