UN Conference Notes

Gabriella Cook
Gabriella Cook
Senior Digital Analyst

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Enjoy your session? Tim, Gabriella, and the Cause Inspired team have put together resources to help you get started! We’ve broken down what you need to know into 3 simple sections; Chrome ExtensionsQuestions to Ask a Developer, and Useful Links.

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Tim Tompkins
Tim Tompkins
Senior Digital Strategist

Chrome Extensions

Questions to Ask a Developer

  • What platform is it built on (WP most recommended, Drupal, custom HTML)
  • What theme is being used (if custom – harder to edit and manage)
    • Using an existing theme (as is)
    • Or customizing an existing theme
    • Or has a custom theme been built from scratch (if custom, will need training on how to edit it because general resources won’t be available for themes built from scratch)
  • How easy is it for me to edit/manage the site. What access level do you have? (what are the capabilities of that access)
  • Do they have an SEO or ux/user experience strategy for the landing pages? (Developers might not offer SEO strategy for improving engagement)
  • Do they have a strategy for URL structure?
  • Are analytics and tag manager set up?
  • Know what plugins and third parties you have on your site (All web isn’t web. What third parties used might need to bring in for help regarding those specific plugins/applications)
  • Who is your domain name hosted with?
  • Know who your website is hosted with (not always the same host. Access levels can vary)
  • Are all images resized, compressed, and optimized?
  • How often do they update them/plugins and do they back up the site? (slow down site speed)

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