Cause Inspired Media is Partnering with OnePageCRM

Cause Inspired Media is Partnering with OnePageCRM

Cause Inspired Media is Partnering with OnePageCRM

We are proud to announce that Cause Inspired Media is partnering with OnePageCRM as an official 3rd party re-seller. We are very excited about this opportunity and what it means for our clients!

OnePageCRM is a lead-generation website that can enable your nonprofit to easily communicate and share information within your team regarding current and potential donors, or other valuable contacts. OnePageCRM helps your nonprofit create a user-friendly workflow for your team, while helping everyone stay organized and up-to-date, allowing your organization to focus on whats really important–your mission!

Through their Power of Action Program, OnePageCRM is giving back to nonprofits by donating access to their site to up to five of your team members. This would cost any for-profit company around $60 per month. Due to our relationship with OnePageCRM, and our  knowledge of their software, we have a deep understanding of how this opportunity can impact your nonprofit, as well as how it can best be utilized for the day-to-day operations of your organization.

If you are a current client, or are a nonprofit interested in any of our digital marketing services, please contact us and inquire about getting started with OnePageCRM!

If you’d like to get started increasing your organization’s digital media presence, let our experts at Cause Inspired Media create a successful Donation Landing page to convert your website traffic and increase your donations. Click here to learn more, or contact us here. 

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By: Emily Dietz, Business Development Strategist