Cause Inspired Media Attends NANOE’S 2019 Convention & Expo

cause inspired media attends nanoes 2019 conference

Cause Inspired Media Attends NANOE’S 2019 Convention & Expo

This March has been a busy month for the Cause Inspired Team! Just two short weeks after the NTEN Conference in Portland, the Cause Inspired Team traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to attend NANOE’s 2019 Convention & Expo.

This biennial event is designed with nonprofits in mind to help change they way they approach strategies for fundraising and capacity building. The event consisted of a series of presentations over the course of two days by nonprofit leaders from across the country, including our team of experts at Cause Inspired Media. Presenters discussed topics regarding communication with donors, financial and leadership changes within nonprofits, defining a nonprofits impact, networking strategies, and much more. This truly was a wonderful opportunity for our Cause Inspired Team to connect with the nonprofits we serve.

Cause Inspired Media CEO, Joshua Lusk, and V.P of Strategic Partnerships, Stefanie Stark, discuss the Google Ad Grants program with nonprofit leaders at the 2019 NANOE Convention & Expo.

Those in attendance represented every type of nonprofit organization; from the World Pediatric Project, to Habit for Humanity chapters, local food banks, STEM programs for youth, artists and film makers, affordable housing and homeless shelters, medical research, and agricultural leadership. Though diverse in their missions, there was an overwhelming sense of community and camaraderie as these executives gathered together to learn how to build capacity within their organizations. Just as Cause Inspired Media works to help nonprofits make the shift from analog to digital marketing in order to reach more donors, a similar theme emerged about a paradigm shift at this conference. The nonprofit leaders in attendance expressed a common concern. Namely, that the traditional structures and ideologies they have been taught about nonprofit leadership, board responsibilities, marketing, and fund development are typically ineffective and can actually create a barrier to growth, change, and innovation within their organizations. Presenters at the NANOE Convention & Expo challenged these nonprofit leaders to “break the rules” of traditional fundraising, to be innovative in their programs and major gift fundraising, and, in doing so, drive significant and incremental revenue to their bottom lines.

This year, Cause inspired Media had the pleasure of presenting on the second day of the convention about how nonprofits can use the Google Ad Grant, along with a cohesive digital marketing strategy, to help not only reach, but surpass their goals. Cause Inspired Media was also able to participate in numerous break out sessions between presentations in which our team was able to speak one-on-one with nonprofits about their digital marketing challenges, and how we can help overcome them by successfully optimizing their Google Ad Grant.

Stefanie Stark, Cause Inspired Media’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, and presenter at NANOE’s 2019 Convention & Expo, states that,

It was an honor to be invited to give a presentation about digital marketing and the Google Ad Grants program for the 175 nonprofit executives who attended the 2019 Convention & Expo in Charleston March 26-27. The response from the audience to their message was loud applause and a standing ovation. I’m so glad that Cause Inspired Media is a leader in the new 21st century approaches to nonprofit capacity building.

Cause Inspired Media has been incredibly grateful for these most recent opportunities to showcase the power of the Google Ad Grants program to nonprofits across the nation. We are truly inspired by the causes of all the nonprofits we meet, and we look forward to attending other similar events in the future.

If you have any questions about the Google Ad Grants program, or Cause Inspired Media’s other digital marketing services, please contact us. We are always happy to help!