Bringing Together The Nonprofit & For-Profit Sectors

bringing together nonprofit and for-profit sectors

Bringing Together The Nonprofit & For-Profit Sectors

With 2020 quickly approaching, it might be hard to believe that two decades have already passed into the new millennium. So much in the world has changed since the nineties, and that holds true for the ways in which the nonprofit and for-profit sectors interact with each other. In an age where digital campaigns and viral media dominate for-profit marketing strategies, growing calls for transparent company practices have created an urgent need for companies to develop thoughtful corporate social responsibility strategies. has recognized this opportunity for the nonprofit sector and has developed a software that connects nonprofit sponsorship opportunities with companies interested in sponsoring nonprofits based on their giving initiatives.

Since the beginning of cause marketing campaigns, 66% of businesses now have some type of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Large corporations including Verizon, Allstate, Starbucks and Best Buy all participate in Corporate Social Responsibility programs and have seen positive results since. This creates an opportunity for nonprofits to market themselves and their cause at the corporate level. If your nonprofit is searching for monetary donations via company sponsorships, will give you the opportunity to stand out and show the value of working with your nonprofit.

With, your nonprofit can be seen by companies who are searching for nonprofits with missions and causes that align with their company vision, giving you exposure to socially-responsible companies with little effort from your staff. Building and maintaining strong relationships with company sponsors can be challenging and time-consuming, but allows all this to be managed with minimal effort in one place.

Nonprofits are not the only entities benefiting from corporate social responsibility campaigns. With a new generation of consumers, companies must be transparent about issues they care about in order to earn the consumers attention and loyalty. Approximately 64% of consumers say they prefer businesses to integrate cause marketing into their overall campaigns, rather than simply donate to one cause.

By contributing to nonprofits, corporations develop a more positive brand image, and increased revenue in the long term. When a company sponsors a nonprofit organization via, they can take a single donation and turn it into a brand marketing opportunity that leverages the nonprofits digital reach. This concept is not new. In fact, 90% of companies surveyed in 2018 indicated that a partnership with a nonprofit organization directly enhances their brand and 89% believe a nonprofit partnership improves the company’s ability to help the community. Because of this, a well-formed, authentic cause marketing strategy can be one of the most powerful and effective forms of marketing for both corporations and nonprofits. In short, can get your sponsorship opportunities in front of the right companies and those companies can use your social media and other digital assets to showcase their philanthropic initiatives that tie directly to their CSR directives.

If you believe that your nonprofit could benefit from corporate giving, set up your profile today at