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Make A Difference using the Google Grant


mad_logoMake a Difference (MAD), is an organization based in Bangalore India that helps children living in shelters and orphanages recognize their talent and potential through creative learning spaces. These educational programs guide children through learning to give them better career opportunities.

MAD considers the Google Adwords Grant to be an essential element to their marketing strategy. Like others who utilize this in-kind donation, it allows MAD to build a network of volunteers, boost donations, and increase awareness of events. The program saw great success with an average of 700 thousand impressions per month, 20% of donors and 30% of site traffic filtering in through Ad Grants but it was how MAD used this data that caught the eye of Google. Gloria Benny Managing Director at MAD explains, “Ad Grants is a strong channel for international donations and also allows us to get early indicators of which countries MAD could expand our fundraising chapters to – based on the donations and interest we receive.” By using the data from Ad Words MAD was able to analyze web traffic based on location to determine points of interest for the programs fundraising and volunteer efforts. Geo-targeted ads allowed MAD to hone in on the areas where it was receiving the most support and focus marketing efforts.