Internal Leads

Please take some time to fill out the form below for internal leads.

This form is to be filled out, by the strategist or analyst, if a current client is requesting additional services. The purpose of the lead form is to identify strong leads who understand the value of additional services we offer and how it can increase performance and reach their specific goals.  Please do not submit a form if the organization is not a client. If a client is referring someone for the Grant or if a prospect reached out about starting Grant management then please use the Referral form.

If you were initially introduced to the client then check when you received the introduction email. if you weren't initially introduced to the client or can't find the email, reach out to Sarah C.
*If you are looking for Grant Essentials or Optimization because someone is interested in starting grant management with us then this is not an upsell and you need to use the referral form, found in the link above. If the client is wanting to downgrade from a Grant Management+ or an Optimization package, please reach out to Billing. Regarding the listed services, please keep in mind that we can only sell what fits the client's needs. The purpose of this is to know the client’s wants so we can set appropriate expectations during the sales process. Please make sure you've evaluated the client's goals and are recommending the best fit.
*If they are not expecting to be contacted by the sales team then please do not submit a lead.
Please be as detailed as possible about the nature of the conversation and all relevant information including goals, if applicable. Remember that the hand off to the salesperson should be as seamless as possible and they should not have to probe for additional information that has already been provided.