Growing Your Good Work

growing your good work

Growing Your Good Work

As a nonprofit organization, you’re likely to have varying needs at different stages of your growth. As you navigate through these challenging decisions, it can be helpful to know that you aren’t alone. One of our Cause Inspired Partners, Growing Your Good Work, is a company that specializes in nonprofit growth and is more than capable of helping your nonprofit achieve its strategic goals. 

Growing Your Good Work has dedicated over fifteen years to serving the nonprofit sector, and has experience working with large, small, and midsized organizations. Their passionate team has successfully helped nonprofits grow through strategic planning and goal setting, successful project and organizational management, grant writing and administration, and fundraising. They also offer ‘Coaching and Planning’ services to help your nonprofit create a roadmap to long-term success. 

With thoughtful guidance and hands-on assistance, Growing Your Good Work can help your organization with business administration, strategic and operational planning, as well as implementation in order to create continual measures of success. Additionally, their grant research, grant writing, and administrative services allow nonprofit Boards, staff, and volunteers to focus on mission-related activities, and building relationships with donors. 

Your nonprofit could benefit from Growing Your Good Work if… 

  • You need to increase revenue in order to continue or grow your services or programs, but you aren’t sure what your next move should be.
  • What you do is needed and important, but you struggle with putting it into words that resonate with others.
  • You want to increase memberships and donations, but getting to that task leaves you feeling unsure and overwhelmed.
  • You have a project that will allow you to continue, increase, or improve your services and revenue, but you don’t have additional funds to complete it.
  • You need to find new ways to support your mission with a strategic planning process.
  • You are in need of an extra pair of hands, or you lack the expertise on staff to find, write, and manage grants.

Because Cause Inspired is a proud partner of Growing Your Good Work, Cause Inspired clients will receive one free month of grant services, or two 30-minute coaching sessions. This is equal to $300 of free services!

If you are interested in working with Growing Your Good Work, you can contact Brenda Swann at 904-599-8663, or [email protected]