Google Analytics & Digital Marketing

google analytics & digital marketing

Google Analytics & Digital Marketing

One of the main advantages of the digital marketing landscape that outshines traditional marketing is the data advertisers can gather through digital campaigns. Website analytics tools are among the top marketing resources to obtain data-driven insights. As a free software tool, Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most-used web tools.

With Google Analytics, we can learn about our user and their journey through the webpage. We can define their affinity audience, how many users clicked to the website and left, the amount of time a user spends on a page. With Google Analytics working in tandem with Google Tag Manager, we are easily able to implement advanced tracking methods by tracking file downloads, form submissions, button clicks, and more.

The best way to conquer marketing is to understand your audience and how they interact with your organization online. Google Analytics tracks the pathway each site visitor takes as they navigate through your website. By understanding our users, we can better develop marketing strategies that reflect our users’ needs with tailored messaging and targeting. Additionally, we can utilize historical data to benchmark our performance which would help us further define our marketing goals. 

Google also recognizes just how important this free tool is to help nonprofit organizations in their digital marketing strategies. In order to remain within the policy of the Google Ad Grant, accounts must have valid conversion tracking. Google Analytics makes it easy to implement accurate tracking and define our goals. 

Complementary to staying within the Google Ad Grant’s guidelines, analytic data is essential to maximizing the benefit of using Smart Bidding Strategies. Smart bidding uses conversion-based data to optimize our bids and in turn advertise in a more competitive space, which is imperative to increase our reach.

At Cause Inspired, we understand that Google Analytics and proper tracking are crucial to optimizing our advertising efforts. With every service package, we use Google Analytics as a tool to understand our clients’ unique audiences and help influence our strategy decisions with content, keyword list, ad copy, and more. Every service includes a marketing report that shares with the nonprofit how their supporters are interacting with their website, and we provide consultation to improve the results.

If you have more questions about Analytics or how we implement this free Google tool into our services, contact us today.