Why Choose A Google Certified Professional Agency?

why choose a google certified professional agency

Why Choose A Google Certified Professional Agency?

In an effort to help nonprofits get the most from their Google Ads experience, Google constantly makes changes to their Ad Grant program. While these updates serve as opportunities for nonprofits to draw more value from the Ad Grant, it can be a struggle to keep up with the developments. Because of this, many nonprofits find great value in trusting their account management to a Google Certified Professional Agency. Here are five reasons your nonprofit could benefit from working with a professional agency to manage your $10,000 monthly Google Ad Grant.


Working with the Google Ad Grant requires a specialized toolset. But even if members of your team posses the skills required to manage your digital campaigns, it can be difficult to dedicate the time needed to consistently manage your Ad Grant effectively. By working with an agency, nonprofits gain access to the immediate knowledge and skills the agency’s employees have at their disposal. Certified Professional Agencies understand what Google requires to maintain these types of accounts, and are familiar with the best techniques to maximize value for your organization.


Managing the Ad Grant in a way that improves your return on investment is time-consuming, and your nonprofit might not have the hours to dedicate to this complicated task. As mentioned previously, you need a specialized knowledge of the Ad Grant to create the most impact, and it takes a significant investment to acquire that skill-set. It may take some time before your organization begins to benefit from these digital campaigns. But partnering with an agency allows you to skip that process and expedite the time it takes to show a positive return on investment. Furthermore, any time that would have been spent understanding the nuances of managing the Ad Grant can instead be spent on other mission-based activities.

New Perspectives

Your organization is the subject matter expert for your mission, but that knowledge does not always translate into digital success. Professional agencies tend to work with a wide variety of nonprofits dedicated to a variety of different missions. Due to their experience and specific skill-sets, professional agencies are often able to bring new perspectives to the table, and make creative decisions to maximize the value of your Ad Grant in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. For example, a professional agency might choose to promote actionable content that you may have overlooked on your organization’s website. The agency might also make suggestions for website changes that members of your organization might not have thought of previously. Having this outside perspective can go along way toward achieving your nonprofit’s goals.

in an exclusive partnership as a google certified professional agency


One of the biggest challenges of internal marketing is proving the return on investment. While managing the Google Ad Grant is free from a monetary perspective, there is still the considerable time investment to consider. It can be difficult to prove to your nonprofit’s board and other members of your organization the value in actively managing the Ad Grant. This is not the case with third party agencies. A good agency will collect extensive data about your web traffic, and every decision they make will be informed by that data. Since you are paying them for their services, the agency has a vested interest in showing a strong ROI to justify their continued partnership with your nonprofit organization.

Staying Up-To-Date

As stated earlier, Google consistently updates their policies. Staying aware of these changes is not always feasible when you have other parts of your organization to manage. A professional agency can only be successful if they keep up with Google’s policy changes, and a good agency should always be on the lookout for these changes. The best agencies that manage ad campaigns on Google are the ones that maintain consistent communication with Google’s Ad Grants team. These agencies can be located using the Ad Grants Certified Professionals Directory. They are vetted by Google, and have proved that they are capable of using the Ad Grant to drive measurable success to the nonprofits they work with. Agencies on this list have access to a consistent feedback loop with Google’s Ad Grants team, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to any potential policy changes or account suspensions.

When asked about the benefits of being part of Google’s Certified Professional Community, Sean Kerr, Chief Operations Officer at Cause Inspired Media said:

We are consistently in communication with the Ad Grants team, planning new initiatives, working to support our clients, and finding solutions to issues as they arise. This communication helps us stay ahead of the policy changes and get to the root of issues quickly.

As a Certified Professional Agency, the level of communication we have with Google allows us to swiftly and succinctly handle any issues that might arise while working with any account. We are also often called upon to test pilot programs for Google, and are notified of policy changes ahead of time.

If you have any questions about why your nonprofit should hire a professional agency to manage your Google Ad Grant, contact us.