Google’s Push For A Secure Internet

Google’s Push For A Secure Internet

Google’s Push For A Secure Internet

If your donation page is still using HTTP, your donors’ information is not secure. It’s time to switch to HTTPS.

Last year, Google began their push for a more secure internet by updating their web browser, Chrome, so that thee is now a visual and colorful indication if a site is HTTPS. Similarly, they added a ‘Not Secure’ indicator for sites that are still HTTP. In July of 2018, Google plans to make another change – making the indicators much more noticeable when the website is not secure.

All HTTP servers in Chrome will be marked as ‘Not Secure’ in red with a warning triangle in the address bar, a change from their previously gray warning. Secure websites will no longer trigger the green ‘Secure’ label and lock in the address bar.

These little changes over time are an attempt to make HTTPS the standard protocol on today’s internet. Learn more about HTTP vs HTTPS and Google’s changes over time in this previous Cause Inspired blog.

Keep in mind that switching from HTTP to HTTPS is technically a site move. This means that your site will experience a temporary drop in traffic, and your ads will not show until Google officially recognizes the new site.

If your website is still using an HTTP server, ask your web developer to switch to HTTPS. Or, click here to see a step-by-step guide to switching to HTTPS.

If you have any questions about your website’s server or your donation landing page, contact us. We’re happy to help!