Google Includes Cause Inspired Media In New List of Ad Grants Certified Professionals

Google Includes Cause Inspired Media In New List of Ad Grants Certified Professionals

Google Includes Cause Inspired Media In New List of Ad Grants Certified Professionals

On July 24th, 2018, Google announced that Cause Inspired Media will be included on their new list of Ad Grants Certified Professionals, consisting of leading authorities in Ad Grant Management from across the world.

Cause Inspired Media is proud to be a Google Certified Professional Agency!

According to Google, the goal of this new community of professionals is to help connect nonprofits with companies that specialize in both the Google Ad Grant and the nonprofit industry. Google recognizes that there are many nuances to consider when working with nonprofit organizations, so they have built this community of experts to help nonprofits make the most of the opportunities available to them through Google’s suite of services. Google explains, “The Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community was designed to enhance the Ad Grants experience for professionals and Grantees alike. This community recognizes the network of agencies, consultants and trainers who look after nonprofits globally…”

In the near future, Google will be releasing their “Getting Started With An Agency Guide” that will help nonprofit organizations navigate the process of choosing and working with one of Google’s Ad Grants Certified Professionals.

These Professionals, including Cause Inspired Media, will have the ability to interact with Google’s Ad Grants team, and be given access to ongoing educational materials. These Professionals will even help guide Google’s future program strategies. Cause Inspired Media, headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida, manages Ad Grants for hundreds of nonprofits across the United States. We have several clients receiving the full benefits of the Ad Grant, $10,000 each month, and in many cases, have been able to provide the vast majority of targeted traffic to their client’s websites.

As experts, we excel in harnessing the power of Google Ads to increase capacity building for nonprofits, which frees their staff to remain focused on their mission-based work. Our digital strategies, honed by our multi-disciplined Google-certified staff, bring greater engagement, donations, and sponsors to the nonprofits we serve.

At Cause Inspired Media, we are incredibly proud to be included on this exclusive list of Professionals. The Google Ad Grant program has been at the heart of our company’s mission since day one, and we are so excited to reach even more nonprofits in need of our assistance. In addition to the Google Ad Grant, Cause Inspired Media is also trusted by nonprofits to handle other services including Google search, display and remarketing, social media mangement and advertising, as well as responsive web design.

To learn more about this Certified Professionals Community, visit this link. Or, if you’d like to check out Cause Inspired Media in the Certified Professionals Directory, click here.

If you have any questions about how Cause Inspired Media can use your $10,000 monthly Ad Grant to drive revenue and achieve your goals, contact us!