Google Ad Grant Policy Updates: April 2019

Google Ad Grant Policy Updates: April 2019

Google Ad Grant Policy Updates: April 2019

Google has released new enrollment and policy changes that will affect nonprofits applying for the Google Ad Grant from this point forward. These changes are intended to help nonprofits get the most out of their Google Ads experience, and to assist in successful performance on the Search Network. After today, the enrollment process and Google’s policy requirements will be different for organizations entering the application process.

Enrollment Process

There are several new steps in the enrollment process that new grantees will need to complete:

  • Create a shell account (this means there are no campaigns)
  • Provide the website they will be advertising
  • Answer and submit a survey
  • Complete Google Ad Grant training
  • Submit their account for a pre-qualification review

Once the account is pre-qualified, grantees will receive an email with the next steps to complete their account set-up, and will re-submit for final account review. “Our intent here is to save nonprofits time who go through the effort of creating campaigns only to be rejected later for a technical error or poor website,” says a Google representative.

All accounts managed by agencies within the Google Certified Professional Community, like Cause Inspired Media, will not be required to complete the training for the survey if the enrollment process is handled by the agency. If you work with a Certified Professional Agency, like Cause Inspired Media, your enrollment process will be much faster than an organization applying for the Ad Grant without a Certified Professional. However, Cause Inspired Media’s team of experts recommends that nonprofits take some time to learn more about the program, as they can improve performance as a knowledgeable partner to Cause Inspired Media.

Policy Updates

Google is updating the conversion tracking requirement as stated in the account management policy. Accounts now require at least one conversion action set up that is not ‘time on site’ or ‘pages per visit.’ Those conversions may be added at another time, but will now be included under the category, ‘other,’ rather than the category ‘conversions.’ A meaningful conversion action could be ‘PDF download,’ ‘add to cart,’ ‘purchase,’ etc.

Additionally, all campaigns will be required to use one of the conversion-based Smart Bidding strategies. This includes Maximize Conversions, Target cost-per-acquisition (Target CPA), and Target return-on-ad-spend (Target ROAS). Smart Bidding options are relatively new to Google Ad Grant accounts, having been made available to nonprofits just one year prior to this new policy change. These changes are made by the Google for Nonprofits team to assist the large network of nonprofits using the Ad Grant to track effective goals through automation.

Sean Kerr, Chief Operations Officer at Cause Inspired Media states that,

We are excited about the ongoing evolution of the Google Ad Grants program. Every step along the way allows us to provide more value to the nonprofits we serve, and gives us the opportunity to expand the reach and impact of their important missions.

If you have any questions about the new policy changes, or if you would like to work with a Google Certified Professional Agency, contact us today.