Google Grant Management

Google Grant Management

Cause Inspired Media and NANOE have teamed up to help your organization take full advantage of Google’s generous program, Google Ad Grants. As a trusted source, NANOE has spent a considerable amount of time locating the right partner to help nonprofits reach more people and grow their organizations. As their trusted partner, Cause Inspired Media shares in the belief that many of the industries “best practices” have become outdated and no longer a cost-effective way to grow your nonprofit. Cause Inspired Media sought another way to help and we believe the Google Grant offers an opportunity for nonprofits to transition to digital marketing.

How We Help

Cause Inspired Media has developed a process for success. By using the Google Grant in unique way for our nonprofit clients, we have:

  • Increased exposure for their missions
  • Increased value for corporate sponsors
  • Significantly grown social media followers
  • Driven engagement for volunteers
  • Located talent
  • Generated additional revenue and increased current revenue streams
  • Built capacity

Bound by Your Cause, Not a Long-term Contract

Cause Inspired Media has developed a fee structure that is “Board of Directors” friendly:

  • We have a reduced fee for our nonprofits of $389 per month
  • We only require a 90 day commitment
  • We do not charge a set up fee
  • We have monthly meetings with you and your team
  • We consult on ways to improve your website and landing pages
  • We provide you with detailed monthly reporting
  • We help you develop an understanding of our value for your board meetings

We would love to have the opportunity to help, please reach out today!

  • What number can we call you at?
  • What is your email address? We never SPAM!
  • What is the name of your amazing organization?
  • What is your organization's website address?
  • Who do you help and why?