Google Adds More Smart Bidding Options For Ad Grants

Google Adds More Smart Bidding Options for Ad Grants

Google Adds More Smart Bidding Options For Ad Grants

Google has added even more Smart Bidding options to their Ad Grant Program, including Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), and Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

Mid-December, 2017, Google changed their Ad Grant policies to allow Maximize Conversion Bidding, in addition to the existing manual bidding option. This change was a major boost to Cause Inspired Media’s clients, as we have always pushed to get the best conversion data possible. It has also allowed us to take full advantage of this bidding option, allowing our nonprofit clients to break away from the manual bidding cap of $2/click.

As we work with a growing amount of nonprofits nationwide, we guide our clients through the application process on an almost daily basis. Today, however, we were surprised by an unannounced change: Even more Smart Bidding options! Specifically, Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) have been added to Ad Grant bidding options.

  • Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): This Smart Bidding strategy sets bids to help your organization get as many conversions as possible at your preferred, set CPA. With this strategy, you’ll be able to quantify what each conversion is worth to your nonprofit, and it will automatically optimize bids to get conversions that meet your set CPA, on average. Target CPA is available as both a standard strategy in a single campaign, and as a portfolio strategy, for use across multiple campaigns.
  • Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend): This Smart Bidding option allows organizations to set bids based on a target return on Ad Spend. This is designed to help organizations increase their conversion value or revenue at the target you set. Just like Target CPA, Target ROAS is available as both a standard and portfolio strategy.

These Smart Bidding types can be extremely helpful for any nonprofit looking to get as much value from their campaigns as possible. These bidding types will give your nonprofit more control of how much of the Ad Grant you’re willing to use for each goal (or conversion).

As these changes are very welcome for Cause Inspired Media and our clients, they could be problematic for anyone either altogether unfamiliar with Google Ad Grants, or anyone without enough time to dedicate to understanding the nuances of Google and their evolving policies. While we have always striven to find creative ways to reach new audiences and tie every action to a goal, these changes bring about new possibilities, and require more advanced strategies to accomplish.

If you have any questions about optimizing your Google Ad Grant with these new bidding strategies, contact us! We’re always glad to help!