5 Reasons Nonprofits Can Benefit From Remarketing

5 Ways Remarketing Can Help Your Nonprofit

5 Reasons Nonprofits Can Benefit From Remarketing

The Google Display Network is a powerful tool to expand a nonprofit organization’s reach. Covering more than 90% of websites across the internet, Google’s Display Network is a powerful means of reaching new audiences. Previously, Cause Inspired Media has posted a general guide to using the Google Display Network, but remarketing is a subtopic within the Display Network that requires a more in-depth explanation.

Otherwise known as ‘retargeting,’ remarketing is a great way for an organization to expand its reach, drive donations, and increase support. With remarketing, nonprofits can target people who have previously visited their website without completing a desired action (or ‘conversion’) on a landing page. It’s meant to remind users to come back and complete the conversion.

Here are 5 reasons for your nonprofit to consider adding remarketing to its online marketing campaign:

  1. Increased Brand Awareness
    • A major aspect of remarketing is repeatedly getting a brand out in front of consumers. Retargeted ads work because they create a persistent presence in people’s minds. People value familiarity, and they’re more likely to contribute to a nonprofit that they’ve heard of before, rather than one that they’ve only been exposed to once.
  2. Increased Ad Relevance 
    • Remarketing is effective because it gives nonprofits the ability to tailor their ads based on a user’s actions on their site. If a visitor arrives on a landing page for a specific subject, but they leave the page, remarketing ads can be displayed on sites in the Display Network to that person based on the page they visited. This allows an organization to hone in on a specific interest and draw people back to its website to complete a conversion later. An example of this would be a customer shopping for something online, adding something to their cart, leaving the site, and then seeing ads for what they added to their cart later.
  3. More Specific Audience Targeting
    • While making sure a nonprofit’s message reaches a broad audience is important, the power of being able to reach a target audience with a specific message should not be underestimated. An organization can implement retargeting based on who visited their site and what actions they took, allowing for nonprofits to reach specific demographics with a targeted message. This helps build a more personal connection between consumers and nonprofit organizations.
  4. Higher Conversion Rate
    • The number one goal of any ad campaign is to get conversions. People who are already aware of what an organization is and what it does are more likely to convert. Retargeting can bring visitors who were in the process of completing a conversion on your website, but left and never returned to complete it. The more that people know and trust your organization, the more likely they are to come back and continue giving their support.
  5. Increase ROI
    • Clicks for remarketing ads often have a lower cost-per-click and lower cost-per-conversion than clicks from other types of search campaigns. Additionally, many of the conversions from remarketing come from view-through-conversions, which occur when a user sees an ad, does not click on it, but later goes directly to the website and completes a goal or conversion. With these in mind, it makes sense that the return on investment for remarketing would be higher than traditional search campaigns.

Remarketing is a powerful tool for nonprofits to spread their brand and expand their reach. It is important to remember that retargeted ads are just one facet of an effective digital marketing campaign. Cause Inspired Media is committed to helping nonprofits implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is tailored to their needs. If you would like to learn more about Cause Inspired Media and how we can help your nonprofit organization expand its reach, contact us.