Cultivate Donor Management Client Form

  • How many users do you need to have access to your CRM Donor Management System?
  • The name of the admin for the system. This person will be able to create additional users once they have access to the system.
  • The amount of individual records you will maintain in the system. These include donors, volunteers, contacts, vendors, sponsors, and companies.
  • What goals and issues do you expect the CRM Donor Management System to help with?
  • The user name for the admin you would like us to use when setting up this account.
  • What password would you like us to set up for your admin account. Your password must: - Be at least 8 characters in length. - Contain at least 1 lowercase and 1 uppercase letter. - Contain at least 1 special character (!@#$%^&*) - Contain at least 1 number (0–9)
    Do you need help importing your existing records into the system? This has an additional costs associated with this request since many times the data needs to be adjusted from the system you are using now to the CRM Donor Management System.