Cause Inspired Media Donates Services to Nonprofits

Cause Inspired Media Donates Services to Nonprofits

Cause Inspired Media Donates Services to Nonprofits

Since late 2014, Cause Inspired Media has been working with nonprofits across the country to manage their $10,000 monthly Google Grants. We work with a variety of organizations with missions ranging from sports, to finances, to food pantries. We love the organizations we work with, and we have a great deal of respect and passion for each of their missions. We believe that through active grant management and our web and marketing services, we can alleviate heavy burdens for our clients, leaving them to focus on whats really important: their goals. By providing our clients with digital marketing solutions, we can expand the reach of these organizations, and spread their missions to the right people.

These clients are organizations burdened by very low operating budgets. They are made up of passionate teams who care deeply about the mission of their organizations, and consistently go above and beyond their job’s call of duty. These clients understand the importance of digital advertising in the modern world, but simply do not have the internal capabilities for marketing on a larger scale.

It is for all of these reasons that we have chosen to donate our digital marketing services to a few nonprofits who are unable make extra room in their budget for additional marketing. These nonprofits are near and dear to our hearts, and many of them are local to the Northeast Florida region. We do this because we believe that what we do can truly make a positive difference in their organizations.

Typically with our pro bono clients, we put as much effort as possible into maintaining and optimizing their accounts, while also working hard to keep our paying accounts up-to date and prioritized. Although we are not able to consistently monitor our pro bono accounts on a weekly basis, we still use the same best practices and address issues as we would with any other client.

If you’d like to get started increasing your organization’s digital media presence, let our experts at Cause Inspired Media create a successful Donation Landing page to convert your website traffic and increase your donations. Click here to learn more, or contact us here. 

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By: Emily Dietz, Business Development Strategist