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Charities Can Now Accept Donations From Amazon’s Alexa

As the use of AI Technology is rapidly growing, it is not surprising that this type of technology can be used to help nonprofits enhance their missions, and raise funds.

Since 2015, Amazon’s voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service, Alexa, has become the most widely-used smart home speaker in America. Amazon’s Alexa-controlled Echo speaker now has several versions available, and continues to increase it’s music, smart-home and digital assistant capabilities. As Amazon expands the features and benefits of Alexa, and their wireless speakers, the devices will only grow in popularity.

As the demand for voice-enabled virtual assistants grows, many companies are already using this new opportunity to their advantage. But it isn’t just corporations spending top dollar on Amazon ads who can benefit from this increasing demand. Nonprofit organizations are now able to accept donations through a new feature called Alexa Donations, powered by Amazon Pay. With this feature, Alexa users can simply say “Alexa, donate $20 to ____.” The user’s Amazon account payment info will then be used to complete the transaction.

In order for nonprofit organizations to benefit from this new Alexa feature, they should be sure to sign up for Amazon Pay. According to their website, “Amazon Pay offers a seamless donation experience by using the information already stored in your donor’s Amazon account.” The idea behind this ‘seamless’ experience is to ensure ease, security, and trustworthiness in the transaction, making your supporters more likely to contribute to your cause.

To sign up for Amazon Pay, if you aren’t already, simply click here and submit the relevant information on Amazon’s secure web page. From there, you’ll be prompted to create a login email and password, add your organization’s name and credit card information (you will not be charged), tax ID, and phone verification to begin setting up your website.

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