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Cause Inspired Media Is Partnering With TechBridge

Cause Inspired Media is incredibly excited to announce that we are officially partnering with nonprofit technology consultant, TechBridge.

If you aren’t familiar with their organization, TechBridge essentially acts as an outside IT department for nonprofits. They provide IT consulting and services to over 800 nonprofits world-wide. Their mission is to drive community impact by bringing affordable technology and business expertise to other nonprofits. Traditionally, the for-profit industry has used their significant financial resources to enhance their productivity through the efficient use of technology. However, since 2000, TechBridge has been working hard to give the non-profit industry a leg up. They work everyday to connect the needs of nonprofits with the skills and financial resources of the growing, and ever-changing technology community.

As a trusted partner of TechBridge, we will be working with them to optimize their Google Grant account, and help them build a case study based on our work that both of our organizations can use. From there, they will be recommending our services to their existing client base, and we will even be listed in the “Knowledge Center” section of their new website.

We couldn’t be more excited to work with an organization that shares our passion for technology and nonprofits. If you have any questions about our organization, the partnership, or how TechBridge can help your organization, contact us! We’re glad to help.

By: Emily Dietz, Business Development Strategist