Increasing Content To Increase Traffic: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Increasing Content To Increase Traffic: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Increasing Content To Increase Traffic: A Cause Inspired Case Study

Servicing 8 cities and supported by 2,000 volunteers annually, a Plymouth, Minnesota nonprofit helps struggling families and individuals in their time of need. Looking to expand brand awareness and community support, the human service nonprofit turned to the Google Ad Grant.

Cause Inspired Media was able to obtain the Ad Grant for the nonprofit, and began management of their ad account in March of 2017. Although the nonprofit had value and relevance to the entire community, the nonprofit was not getting substantial traffic from their ads. After reviewing keyword search terms and content on the pages, their Digital Strategist suggested that the nonprofit add more page copy.

In our experience, we have noticed that nonprofits often struggle with translating their message and relevance to the communities they serve. But crafting language to describe the importance of the organization’s work and mission is of the utmost importance when it comes to any form of marketing. To gain new supporters and donations, web pages should contain content that accurately describes exactly what the nonprofit does, using important keywords and phrases that people may be searching for. This improves the ad’s position in search results, meaning that the ad will appear closer to the top of the page, making it more likely to be clicked on.

When we first began working with this organization, they were unable to make the content additions we recommended, and as a result, experienced little return on Adwords with less than 500 clicks each month. But in 2018, after we had been working with them for nearly one year, they made one very important update to their content in order to promote one of their largest fundraising events of the year. To spread the word for this event, the Communications and Marketing Director appeared on local news to discuss their annual event and campaign to end homelessness. In the interview she highlighted important statistics about their impact in the community, including the fact that the campaign has been able to prevent a total of 30,895 cases of homelessness in the local area.

This year, because of our direct recommendation, the nonprofit created a page on their website featuring the local news video, along with information about the interview and a relevant call-to-action. They then told their Digital Strategist at Cause Inspired Media, who created an ad group targeting keywords related to the specific news station. Over the course of of the campaign, this ad group spent a total of $10,781, gained 7,180 clicks and 50,499 impressions, with an overall CTR (click-through-rate) of 14.23%. This “News Coverage” ad group was the perfect example of how a broad topic can be used to attract users on Google’s search network to learn more about a subject they wouldn’t normally search, and it continues to inspire more advertising ideas for the organization.

Adding content like this to the site resulted in an almost immediate increase in donations. In the past, this event never raised more than $1 Million, but this year, because of the added content, Cause Inspired Media’s consultations, and targeted AdWords campaigns, this event raised over $2.3 Million in record time and with great momentum. That’s enough money to provide assistance to over 2,000 families in their community (over 6,000 individuals).

Website traffic didn’t stop improving after that campaign ended. The MN nonprofit added additional content to pages on their website about events, fundraising campaigns, and services, including an F.A.Q. section to their annual food drive. These frequently asked questions provided helpful statistics and supporting information intended to spark the interest of any involved community member. In addition to the statistics, the page also explained the underlying need for their organization, and presented general facts about their neighbors in need. They used specific keywords and phrases that they believed their target donors would be searching in order to land them on the appropriate web page. Over the course of the next three months, the nonprofit increased their monthly Ad Spend and clicks by over 1,500% each. Additional page copy also helped increase their CTR by over 200%. Suddenly, they were reaching their campaign goals faster than ever–even raising more than their initial goals in some cases.

This nonprofit had always been relevant to their community, but by adding more copy to their website, they became relevant to what people were searching on Google. Account performance improved, fundraising goals were surpassed, and website traffic increased. All of these accomplishments were made possible with the addition of content to their website. Imagine reading your website content from the perspective of a first-time visitor who has never heard of your organization. Have you included all the necessary information?

If you are an existing client, ask your Digital Strategist how adding more content can help your account performance. If you don’t already work with our team, contact us for more information about adding content to your website!