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Since 2018, Google has made more changes to the Ad Grant policies than ever before. Now, it is especially difficult to manage and maintain high performance without a team of certified and experienced professionals on your side. Unlock Google’s Ad Grant with our Cause Inspired insight.

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Why the Google Ad Grant?

Looking for a way to revitalize your nonprofit marketing? Consider Google’s Ad Grant, a program offering $10,000 in-kind advertising spend grants to nonprofits, for free. Your organization should be taking advantage of the largest advertising platform available. Start spreading awareness, expanding your reach, and driving donations with an extra $120,000 added to your annual marketing budget!

Why Cause Inspired?

Joining forces with Cause Inspired will grant your nonprofit a team of certified Google Ads experts. Through monthly reports and regularly scheduled calls, your team will focus on achieving your goals through account maintenance and management. Catapult your marketing efforts into digital success with help from Cause Inspired!

Changes to the Application Process

Ready to get started on your Google Ad Grant application? Contact Cause Inspired to talk to one of our specialists about the grant’s requirements and pre-qualification form.

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Why Seek Agency Help?

With all of Google’s recent policy changes, it can be hard to keep up with the strict standards and best practices placed on nonprofit accounts. Google’s Community of Certified Professionals are preferred in the industry to manage and maintain high performance.

Why Cause Inspired?

As one of the first Certified Professional Agencies to join the Google Community, Cause Inspired’s team of experts dedicate their time to checking in with clients often and giving monthly reports on their performance. We take the time to optimize each account and set goals for conversions that matter, which is why more than 300 nonprofits depend on Cause Inspired Media to provide results in their digital marketing.

Changes to the Ad Grant

Nonprofits can now bid higher than the previous $2 limit with certain smart bidding options. Cause Inspired knows the ins and outs of smart campaigns and can use our knowledge to get you the best results.

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